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Putting the Punch Back in the Pouch PowerPoint Presentation
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Putting the Punch Back in the Pouch

Putting the Punch Back in the Pouch

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Putting the Punch Back in the Pouch

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  1. Putting the Punch Back in the Pouch Relaunching Kraft’s Capri Sun Drinks By Sarah Eigner, Rebecca Buddingh and Nina Chadha

  2. History of Capri Sun • Developed in 1966 in Germany; world’s first pouch drink • Kraft Foods became the production partner for the U.S. in 1992 • In 1994, Capri Sun was ranked number one in a U.S. survey of kids’ favorite beverages • Today there are four types: Original Capri Sun, Capri Sun Sunrise, Capri Sun 100% Juice and Capri Sun Roarin’ Waters

  3. Problem and Opportunity • Extremely popular with children of the 1990s • Failed to capture new generations of kids • Introduced “Respect the Pouch” campaign in 2008, but did not receive much attention • Today, there is a great opportunity to relaunch using a sports-oriented campaign that will capture both children and their parents

  4. SWOT Analysis

  5. Research Goals • Identify why Capri Sun was successful and how this success can be replicated • Determine which competitors are doing well and why • Recognize the likes and dislikes of the target age range and their parents

  6. Research Methods Primary Research • Focus groups • Parents • Children • Surveys Secondary Research • Capri Sun’s website, past press kits, media coverage, annual reports, advertising campaigns, etc. • Competitor’s past and present PR campaigns, company websites, advertisements, media coverage, etc.

  7. Goals 1) Reintroduce the Capri Sun brand to the modern young consumer. 2) Update the brand’s current outdated image and status.

  8. Objectives • Increase the recognition of Capri Sun by kids age 5-13 by 10% compared to other sports beverages like Gatorade, Vitamin Water and Powerade. • Have at least 200 in attendance at each major launch event. • Secure at least 3 local media placements in each major market where a launch event is held. • Receive at least 200 contest entries nationwide. • Reach 1 million Facebook Fans within 12 months. • Secure at least 2 national media placements within 12 months. • Increase relationships with Mommy Bloggers and other industry influencers.

  9. Target Audiences • “Nickelodeons” • Children age 5-13 (elementary and middle schoolers). • Active and participate in organized sports like soccer/basketball. • Watch shows on channels like Nickelodeon, the Disney Channel and Cartoon Network. • Parents are middle to upper middle class. • Tend to live in more suburban communities. • Have a large influence over their parents buying behaviors. • Grew up with a large variety of sports drinks. • Look up to celebrities they see on television including athletes.

  10. Target Audiences • “Soccer Moms” • Women age 30-45 with children in the “Nickelodeons.” • Some may have jobs while others may be stay-at-home moms but regardless they are all extremely busy. • Concerned with their children’s health but also consider convenience to a high degree. • Read parent magazines and blogs. • Middle to upper middle class living in more suburban areas. • Have college degrees. • Let their children influence their purchase decisions; however, they put their foot down if the product is truly unhealthy. • Are on social media sites like Facebook but not necessarily tuned in 100% to Twitter or Four Square; however, they are technologically savvy.

  11. Key Messages Positioning Statement • To: the “Nickelodeons” • Capri Sun is the tasty, nutritious sport drink. • That is fast, easy and mess free. • Because it comes in a wide variety of flavors and a one-of-a-kind ergonomic pouch.

  12. “Nickelodeon” Messaging • “Capri Sun is the sports drink that won’t make you to slow down. With a variety of flavors and a convenient mess free pouch, Capri Sun is a tasty and nutritious drink that will put the punch back into your day.” • “Capri Sun is the tasty sports drink that has a flavor for everyone. Whether you want an Orange Wake Up to go along with your bowl of cereal in the morning or a Fruit Punch with your lunch, Capri Sun flavors all pack a punch.”

  13. “Soccer Moms” Messaging • “The new Capri Sun is a nutritious and refreshing beverage packed into a convenient mess free pouch. With a variety of flavors and no artificial ingredients, Capri Sun is the sports drink you and your kids will love.” • “With a variety of flavors fit for every meal and 25 percent less sugar, Capri Sun offers a full serving of fruit in just one low-calorie pouch.”

  14. Strategies • Form partnerships with youth sports organizations • Create visibility through promotional events in major markets • Use contests to help promote the brand in smaller markets • Increase visibility through product placement • Use social media to target the “Soccer Moms” • Create awareness of Capri Sun nutritional benefits through thewebsite

  15. Summer Tactics Promotional tour in large, coastal markets: (Miami, Los Angeles, San Diego, Honolulu, etc.) • Beach parties with a giant Capri Sun pouch on the ocean for children to play on • Incorporate skateboarding and other sports associated with the brand • Food and promotions from other Kraft brands

  16. Fall Tactics Partnerships with youth sports organizations such as AYSO: • Sponsor specific events and games • Create banners to advertise at games • Incorporate charity work (i.e. helping to pay for children in low income neighborhoods who cannot afford the fees to play)

  17. Winter Tactics Mommy Blogger brunch: • Coordinate with other Kraft brands (Oscar Mayer, Nabisco, Philadelphia, etc.) to host a brunch for mommy bloggers in large markets (Los Angeles, New York, Chicago) • Stress the health benefits of the Kraft foods and what Kraft has done to make its’ food healthier for families

  18. Spring Tactics National Contests: • Create an outfit or accessories with Capri Sun packagingand win a concert at your school • Good for smaller markets that cannot participate in the coastal launch parties

  19. Additional Tactics • Product Placement • Nickelodeon TV shows (for children), Project Runway (for the soccer moms) • Snack Packages • Assorted Kraft food items in a package to be sold for youth sports game days • Update website to highlight nutritional benefits • 25% less sugar • Full serving of fruit in just one low-calorie pouch

  20. Evaluation • Participation in contests • Attendance at events • Inventory of snack packages sold • Web site hits • Media impressions

  21. Questions?