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Saddleback College Registered Nursing Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Saddleback College Registered Nursing Program

Saddleback College Registered Nursing Program

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Saddleback College Registered Nursing Program

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  1. Saddleback CollegeRegistered Nursing Program Information Session

  2. Our Program and Mission The goal of our program is to prepare students to take the National Council Licensing Examination for Registered Nursing (NCLEX-RN). SADDLEBACK COLLEGE NURSING PROGRAM MISSION IS TO: *Provide high quality, innovative education *Support student success *Instill the need for life-long learning and professional development *Prepare competent entry level registered nurses to provide quality patient-centered care WE ARE: -Accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing - Approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing 2

  3. Saddleback College Nursing Program Outcomes

  4. DID YOU KNOW? Saddleback College Nursing Program was established in 1971

  5. Completion of our nursing program allows the student to sit for the State of California NCLEX examination. • POTENTIAL WORK SETTINGS: • Hospital • Physician’s Office • Home Healthcare • Nursing Care • Correctional Facilities • Schools Clinics • Military Multi-Criteria Admission Next Application Period: July 1, 2019 – August 2, 2019 Admission to our generic RN program is based on points given in review using a multi-criteria screening tool. The higher your point total, the more likely that you will be admitted to our program. You will receive points for your science coursework GPA, fixed set general education GPA, and your TEAS score. Points will also be awarded for any US academic degrees, allied health certifications/corpsmen, work or volunteer hours, veteran status, life experience, and second language proficiency. 5

  6. What is the average Salary Registered Nurse in California? RN’s in California earn between $64,430 and $151,210 this figure can fluctuate based on your city of residence, your employer, and your overall experience. What makes you eligible to apply? #1: Science Coursework Anatomy (BIOL 210) taken within the last 10 years Physiology (BIOL 211) taken within the last 7 years Microbiology (BIOL 212) taken within the last 7 years A minimum of 2.5 GPA is required for eligibility. Online lab science coursework will not be accepted. Lecture/Lab course must be 4.0 semester units or greater. A & P courses are valid for 7 years. 6

  7. Application Period We take applications twice a year: September – Spring Entry February – Fall Entry Check website for exact dates -Applications must be hand delivered to HS 235 7

  8. Prior to Applying Step 1- Apply to Saddleback College online. Step 2- Submit relevant official (sealed) transcripts to Admissions & Records. After submitting follow up with A&R to confirm received. Step 3- Make a counseling appointment- to review your transcripts, AP scores, degrees, etc. to ensure requirements are met. If no degree has been earned also discuss GE requirements. It is to the students advantage to complete the following courses prior to entry into the program as they can be used to earn points: N 204 (Beginning Nursing Concepts) N 160 (Pharmacology) N 165 (Lifecycle I) N 161 (Lifecycle II) Psychology I Comm 1 or 5 (formerly Speech 1 or 5) Math requirement for AA degree or higher What makes you eligible to apply? 8

  9. Multi-Criteria for Admission Admission to our generic RN Program is based on points. Those with the highest points based off the Multi-Criteria for enrollment will be invited into the program. Note: The cut-off last application period was 75 points.

  10. Admission Requirements: • Completion of the following courses/no online Biology courses accepted: • Bio 11- Human Anatomy 2.8 GPA • Bio 12- Human Physiology or higher • Bio 15- General Microbiology • English 1A or equivalent with grade “C” or better • Be at least 18 years of age at time of admission. Applicants must possess a social security card. • Pass ATI TEAS test with a 62% or higher • *All relevant official (sealed) transcripts must be on file with the Admissions & Records office prior to submitting application. Note: The only prerequisite that has an expiration is Physiology. That must be completed within the last 7 years upon entry.

  11. ATI TEAS EXAM • Applicants will be required by the state to pass the ATI TEAS test with a score of 62% or above before applying to the program. • The test is comprised of 170 questions set up in a multiple choice format with four-option answers. The test is broken up in 4 sections: Reading/ 53 questions/ 64 min, Mathematics/ 36 questions/ 54 min, Science/ 53 questions/ 63 min, English and Language Usage/ 28 question/ 28 min. • New ATI TEAS was released August 31, 2016. TEAS version 5.0 is no longer accepted. • We only take the first score within the 365 days. • If a student does not pass the test, the student may choose to remediate, and re-take the TEAS after remediation. • Our next ATI TEAS exam will be held in January check website in December for exact dates to reserve a seat. Other testing sites: San Diego State University and Palomar College. • For those who need special accommodations, you will need to provide documentation to the Health Science Division office from DSPS 2 weeks prior to the test date. Note: We recommend waiting to take the TEAS exam until AFTER you have completed your nursing prerequisites which are: Anatomy, Microbiology, Physiology and English 1A.To purchase a study guide, log on to

  12. How much does the Saddleback College Nursing Program cost? You can apply for Financial Aid online at:

  13. Nursing Program Curriculum

  14. Interested in a ADN to BSN or ADN to MSN program? Join us this fall for our 8th Annual Nursing Transfer Fair NO RESERVATION NEEDED

  15. Additional information Students who have been convicted of a misdemeanour or felony are required to disclose this information on their application to take the RN licensure exam. A conviction may affect your eligibility to take this exam. Students who have concerns about these circumstances should contact the Board of Registered Nursing at (916) 322-3350 or visit before starting the nursing program.

  16. Further Questions? Health Sciences & Human Services (949) 582- 4701