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Unit 1. I helped Mum. Module 9. Weekend. /t/. /d/. 词尾是“ -ed” 的单词. watch ed. cook ed. walk ed. talk ed. help ed. rain ed. play ed. phone d. listen to music. play on the computer. phone. cook vegetables. play the drums. walk. help children learn. talk to friends.

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  1. Unit 1 I helped Mum. Module 9 Weekend

  2. /t/ /d/ 词尾是“-ed”的单词 watched cooked walked talked helped rained played phoned

  3. listen to music play on the computer phone cook vegetables play the drums walk help children learn talk to friends walk in the park do my homework do the housework watch TV read books stand up play the erhu play football

  4. Monday 9 May On Monday Amy phonedGrandma.

  5. What did they talk about?

  6. 6 2 3 4 5 1 park F C E A B D Listen and match What did they do yesterday?

  7. Did you cook meat yesterday? ____, _______. I ___________. No I didn’t cookedfish

  8. ____, __________. We ______ in the park and we ______to some friends. No we didn’t Did you listen to music? walked talked

  9. Oh! Was it a nice day? Yes ____. It was _______. sunny

  10. rained It _______ here.

  11. Did youand Sam help your mother? I Yes ____, ___ helped Mum. But _____ didn’thelp. He ____________________. And Dad __________. Sam played on the computer watchedTV

  12. You’re a good girl, Amy! What about Tom? Tom helped Mum, too.

  13. Do something for your family!

  14. Point and say.

  15. S1: Did you clean the room/… yesterday? S2: Yes, I did./No, I didn’t.

  16. Homework • Read the text __ times and try • to act it out in groups. • 2. Do something for your family • and talk about it next class.

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