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Achievers Weekend

Achievers Weekend

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Achievers Weekend

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  1. Achievers Weekend 2014 March 27th-29th

  2. What is Achievers Weekend? • Annual event where Accepted students are invited to participate in a weekend event! • These students receive the opportunity to experience Penn State and meet current students, faculty, staff and alumni. • This weekend helps students make an informed decision about attending Penn State

  3. Achievers weekend Timeline • Dinner with host • Welcome Night (performances from organizations) • Classroom experience with: SAM RICHARDS • Academic College Visits • Financial aid 101 • Campus Tours • Banquet at the Nittany lion inn • The value of a penn state education

  4. What is a host? • A host is a Penn State student that a prospective student will stay with. • It is important to remember you are responsible for them while they are staying with you.

  5. The duties of a host? • Exchange contact information with your Achiever student as soon as you meet them, this is important in case there is an emergency. • Be a good role model. • Do not let your Achiever student consume alcohol or use illegal drugs. • Do not take your Achiever off campus. Do not let them ride in anyone’s vehicle • Make your Achiever feel comfortable. • Pick up your Achiever Anytime between 2:00pm-4:00 pm on Thursday, march 27th.

  6. What do the students bring? Sleeping Bag: You do not have to provide any pillows, sheets, etc. Information regarding what items to bring was already provided to the Achievers prior to their visit. Prepaid Meal Card: Each student will be given a meal card at the time of arrival on March 27. Each student will receive enough for him or her to eat at the dining halls listed in their agenda. Please Do NOT use your student’s meal card. Schedule Agenda: You are not required to watch your Achiever for their whole visit. An agenda for their visit will be given to the host at the time of arrival.

  7. Making your student feel comfortable!! • Without hosts, it would not be possible for us to recruit so many students through the program. • Sharing your Penn State experience with these students may make them want to attend our university. • Help these students feel welcome. • Treat them the way you would have wanted to be treated if you were a prospective student visiting a campus for the first time.

  8. Answering tough questions • Be as positive as possible when answering questions. • Remember that this is your school, and if you did not enjoy your Penn State experience you would not still be attending Penn State. • With touch questions, (i.e. lack of diversity), feel free to answer honestly, but Be positive, don’t dwell on the negative. • If you don’t have the answer to a question or don’t feel comfortable answering it, please direct your student to a resource where they can find this information

  9. Survey time :) Now that you have all the information, please take the following survey. Remember in order to host, you must complete the survey :) Thank you for taking the time to review the information. We appreciate all of your help. If you have any additional questions, please contact Aminda Irving at