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The Mystery Tree House

The Mystery Tree House

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The Mystery Tree House

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  2. Table of contents The Strangest Walk -------------------------------- 1 Getting Rid Of The Traps -------------------------- 2 Nick Figures It Out --------------------------------- 3 Calling The Police man ------------------------------ 4 Back Home-------------------------------------------- 5

  3. CHAPTER 1 The Strangest Walk One day Nick, Dink And Olivia were taking a walk and when they just entered the woods they saw a tree house. Nick went inside the tree house and called back, “ there is tons of traps here. Dink and Olivia got in from the back door but there was a trap and they got hung up in the tree. When Dink untangled them the trap was gone so Dink thought they could trap themselves up and get rid of all the traps. 1

  4. CHAPTER 2 Getting Rid Of The Traps Nick was trapping himself then Dink and Olivia where untangling Nick. One of the traps couldn’t be untangled, it needed a key. When Nick got trapped Dink and Olivia found the key and he was free. Dink, Nick and Olivia had an idea. They waited for the owner to come. When the owner came Dink took his card and they all ran back home. They told their mom what had happened and their mom said, “Call the police”. 2

  5. CHAPTER 3 Nick Figures It Out The card was written in Arabic so they waited for an Egyptian to come by just like when a French man came by. There was not an Egyptian to be seen so Nick took the card and copied the symbols it came to him back in English. Nick was printing it and showed it to his mom. “Very good”, said his mom and then Nick shouted like a crazy panache, “ I've figured it out I’ve figured it out!” 3

  6. CHAPTER 4 Calling The Policeman The family called the police man man and told him the email address. The police man told the robber to damage the tree- house that he built. The robber did as he was told and then flew inside the police car. The police had a conversation with the robber while he was driving to jail. The police told the robber that he was staying 20 years inside jail for building a tree house with traps inside to trap every body. 4

  7. CHAPTER 5 Back Home Olivia, Nick and Dink got a huge treat when they got home the other day. It was anything they wanted. Just then the lights turned off and there was a cake. Olivia turned off the candles so she got to have a wish. Olivia wished for having another mystery to solve but Nick and Dink didn’t want but Olivia’s wish came true and if you want to know what was the other adventure you’ll have to read the next book, The talking book! 5

  8. About The Author The author's name is Omar Abdel Kader and he lives in Alexandria, Egypt in Lumumba Street in the 3rd floor. His dad was ahead of the building. He went to a school called Schutz American School. He was born in December 1 of 2013. Here is a picture about Omar Abdel Kader when he was 8: