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Tree House Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Tree House Project

Tree House Project

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Tree House Project

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  1. Tree House Project By Tommy L.

  2. Giant Groundsel Tree House Design

  3. Environment/Design • My house will be in a cold, windy, and snowy area. • This design is my idea for insulation for the house. The leaves on this plant die, but when they die they don’t fall off. The leaves go down and the dead leaves act as insulation for the plant.

  4. Energy • My other idea for energy would be wind energy because I am making my tree house somewhere that’s windy, snowy, and cold like the tundra. I would use wind turbines like a whale’s flippers to harness the power.

  5. Waste • I would put pipes that lead into a massive decomposition machine. This would be great for all my trash. The machine could use some organisms that can make the waste into liquid so it could be easily drained out. Then it goes into soil and that is how it works.

  6. Water • I would use a water heaterto help me. I would get the snow to fall into a hole and then the heaterwould warm it up and turn it to water. I would definitely need to filter it so it’s not contaminated. I could Britta filter the sinks in the house and then just get a filter for the shower while it goes to the shower through the pipes.

  7. Materials • I would probably use dead leaves for the insulation and then I will use steel to make the inside design of my house. Steel is good for the environment because did you know that the most recycled thing , even paper, is steel?

  8. Picture of design Design of house Wind turbine pipes Decomposition machine

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