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Magic tree house

Magic tree house

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Magic tree house

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  1. Magic tree house By: touré

  2. Summary • In the book magic tree house dinosaurs, Amy and John (I forget there names because I was so into the book  ) parents has just finished making lunch for them and now Amy and John is heading there way to the tree house from the signal that they got from a glare from where it is. They climbed in and saw a big bird, so they tried to go to there books and find what kind of problem and reason why the bird is unusually big. They find the book it was from and started off reading “ This bird I have sent you” ( some mystical person) is from the dinosaurs time and they need help quick” Amy was confused about what could be the problem. “ Well that was not weird at all” Jack says, Amy immediately responded with saying that it wasn‘t as weird as the bird. The Tree house started to spin faster and faster after saying some kind of magic word like hocis pocus. The two 5 year old, not scared of a huge bird in front of them, how do they not throw up stepped pit of the tree house out into a huge puddle of mud while they are not fazed and dinosaur ran by.

  3. Summary 2 • Amy and John has thought it was smart enough to explore so they did and went off to soon come to a cave and “settle” there till they had to move. It has been a week and they still couldn‘t find the reason they were in dinosaur land. They both decided to walk off to see if they could find anything. Later that night they have noticed something coming down from the sky. Amy yelled it’s a bird, John yelled it’s a huge round basketball (this is soo sad😢) They have eventually found out it’s a meteorite and they have noticed they needed something that's it is not even real and destroy it. The decided to make a pen called the ultimate magic pen thingamabob. (as you see they weren‘t good with names). They ran to the center of the meteorite (wow that was bright) and stuck the pen up and waited till its mystical powers has worked (of course… I didn‘t work) they waited and waited and eventually a big bright light showed. Apparently it was just a reflection of light. John was smart enough to realize it wasn‘t going to work. They ran as far as they could as quick as possible to there tree house. They jump in and they teleport back. “ You guys have done well” Amy and John hot soo scared jumping around to see who it was. “oh it was just you, and why did you make is go to the dinosaurs age/time?” I wanted you to know how the dinosaurs died. “ oh ok.” And they lived happily ever after.