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Coursecast:user basics PowerPoint Presentation
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Coursecast:user basics

Coursecast:user basics

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Coursecast:user basics

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  1. Coursecast:user basics Cornwall-Lebanon Technology Services

  2. About Panopto Developed at Carnegie Mellon University Product of years of advanced research Harnesses video, capture, stream, search and archival technologies in one package. The Panopto team includes industry leading researchers and developers.

  3. Step 1: Select a Topic Carefully select a topic within your curriculum. Think about “visual impact” and benefits of the data to be shared with the audience.

  4. Step 2:Create a Script Organize your main ideas ahead of time. Generate a list of key ideas and concepts you wish to discuss during your session. Other thoughts can be added “off the cuff” during the session

  5. Step 3: Equipment/Software Check Laptop with Panoto Software installed Webcam Clicker (optional)

  6. Step 4:Connect to the Server • Go to Start  Programs Panopto Panopto Recorder. • Click on the Settings tab to log in to the CourseCast server.

  7. Step 4: Connect to the Server • Enter the CourseCast Server name, Login, and Password • Click on the Verify button.  • Click Save at the bottom of the Settings screen.

  8. Step 5: Add a Class/Lecture • Create New Recording TabAdd a Class

  9. Step 5: Add a Class/Lecture • Enter a Class Name: History • Enter an Identifier: Chapter 1

  10. Step 5: Add a Class/Lecture • Select Add New Lecture (bottom right)

  11. Step 5: Add a Course/Lecture • Type the name of the lecture-Ex. Ancient Egypt • Click on Record to New Lecture

  12. Step 6:Available Devices • Left side of the screen displays all available devices for the Coursecast • Devices include cameras, audio inputs, screen capture, power point and remote devices • Click on the device(s) you wish to use in your recording • CLSD teachers should include a microphone (audio), a camera (video)and PowerPoint in their selection

  13. Step 6:Audio • Choose your audio device and test it by using the Audio Level Meter provided.

  14. Step 7: Video • Choose your video device (webcam). • The first video source you select will be the main video during playback.

  15. Step 6: PPT Selection • To include PowerPoint presentations in your recording, click on the PowerPoint device in the left-hand column and it will open a box. • This box will allow you to open a .ppt file or, if PowerPoint is already running, allow you to include the presentation that is open.

  16. Step 7:Start a Recording • Once you are satisfied with the devices you will be using, click on "Start Recording" to begin the recording process.

  17. Step 8:Stop a Recording • Once you have completed your lecture, click on the "End Recording" button.  • You will then be taken automatically to the "Manage Recordings" tab.

  18. Step 9: Manage Recordings • The Manage Recordings window will show: • Recordings that are currently uploading • The Status/Link column show if the recording either the current status (processing, encoding,..etc) • The viewable link once it's available

  19. Step 10:Share a Recording