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Difference Machine Washable Wool Doonas and Dry Clean

Read this PDF to know the difference between machine washable wool doonas and dry clean. For more information, contact at Halcyon Dreams Pty. Ltd.

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Difference Machine Washable Wool Doonas and Dry Clean

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  1. The Difference Between Machine Washable Wool Doonas and Dry Clean Only If you choose to invest in a quality Aussie quilt you will, of course, want to find out how to best take care for it. There are two types of wool doonas and how you should care for your new quilt will all depend on which doona you bought. The two types are; 1.Dry clean wool quilts, and 2.Machine washable wool quilts Let’s take a look at both of these in a little more detail and explore some of the things that make them different from one another. Machine Washable Wool Quilts A machine washable wool quilt undergoes a specific process in which it is pre-shrunk, pre- washed, and pre-treated with chlorine and peroxide before it’s shipped out for purchase. Fortunately, these chemicals do not affect the smell or overall quality of a quilt. What this process does is dramatically decrease the risk of bedding shrinking during machine washing. Since the quality of your doona will remain the same even after it is machine washed, you’re free to wash your wool quilt at home in your own machine. It’s cheaper in the long-run and you don’t have to run to a dry cleaners every time you want to refresh your bedding. Machine washable wool quilts are a very sensible choice for those that want the comfort of a wool doona but don’t want the inconvenience of an awkward maintenance routine to keep it looking and smelling clean and fresh.

  2. Dry Clean Wool Quilts Go with this option and you’ll be buying wool that’s closer to its natural state. No chemicals whatsoever will have been used to treat it, and it won’t have undergone that same process that machine washable quilts go through. If having a chemical free quilt is important to you, you will definitely prefer this option. And while the added expense and time requirements of going to a dry cleaner may be inconvenient, it’s worth that time and money investment as the quality will be outstanding. What happens if your machine-wash a dry clean only quilt? Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to that question. Most likely, machine washing a dry clean only quilt is going to do some damage. How much will depend on your quilt, your washing machine and dryer set, the settings and detergent you use and, of course, there’s a little bit of luck in there too. Our word of warning would be to know what kind of quilt you bought and read the care instructions that come on all tags carefully. And remember! Your choice of bedding should reflect your lifestyle so if you literally don’t have time to drop off laundry at a dry cleaners, you should be going for a machine washing alternative. In contrast, if you’ve all the time in the world and you could go by your local drycleaners on your way to work every few days/weeks, choose a top quality dry clean only Aussie wool quilt and your future (super comfy) self will thank you for it.

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