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Bugs!. Standard: 3.14A Organisms and Cells Victoria Spitler. Objective.

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  1. Bugs! Standard: 3.14A Organisms and Cells Victoria Spitler

  2. Objective • Students will be able to look on each of the websites and identify helpful or harmful bugs. They will be able to identify why a bug is helpful or harmful to a plant. The student will be able to understand why we need bugs in the garden to nurture the plants.

  3. Introduction • I try to grow different plants and flowers all summer long, but for some reason they don’t seem to be growing! I water them when it doesn’t rain and they are getting the proper amount of sunlight that they need to grow. I don’t understand what the problem is! Can you help?

  4. Task 1! • There are many insects that can help a plant grow! Ladybugsand many other insects are considered beneficial for the growth of plants. • Identify three insects and explain what it does to benefit the garden.

  5. Task 2! • Although there are many insects that can help plants grow, there are also many that can harm the growth of a plant. Harmful insects include beetles, various types of worms, slugsand even the stinkbug. • Pick three insects and explain why it is harmful to plants.

  6. Conclusion • Insects can be helpful or harmful for a plant in the garden. There are many different types of insects that are both good and bad for a plant. After looking at all the different types of insects, what do you think? Why is it important for bugs to be in the garden?

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