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Margaret Corbin

Margaret Corbin

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Margaret Corbin

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  1. Margaret Corbin By Taryn Smith

  2. Margaret’s Life Margaret was born on November 12, 1751 in western Pennsylvania. Both of her parents died in an Indian raid, so she was raised by relatives. Her husband, John Corbin, was enlisted in the Revolutionary War, and she followed him east.

  3. What Role Did She Play In The War? Margaret helped her husband load andfire the cannon. Her husband died at the cannon but she continued to load and fire until she got wounded by grapeshot. It tore her shoulder, mangled her chest, and lacerated her jaw.

  4. Loyalists or Patriot? Margaret was a Patriot. I know this because she fought with her husband, and her husband joined the CONTINENTAL army.

  5. After the War Margaret did survive the Revolutionary War but she never fully recovered form her wounds, and she couldn’t use her left arm. She struggled to get by for years and drank way too much. She lived in New York and was known for being rude and obnoxious.

  6. Additional Facts • She was the first women to get pension from The United States of America as a disabled soldier. • They put up a statue of her in Pennsylvania, but the people recoiled meeting her.

  7. I think Margaret was a very brave women. I respect the fact that she got involved in the war while the other wives of soldiers who came along cooked, cleaned, and nursed wounded soldiers. They played an important role in the war too for nursing the wounded soldiers, but none of them had the courage to join in on the war.

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