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MLA Format

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MLA Format

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  1. MLA Format Freshman Composition Andover High School

  2. What is MLA? • MLA: Modern Language Association • Responsible for setting writing and formatting convention in English and the humanities

  3. Formatting Your Paper • Header • Heading • Title • Spacing • Misc.

  4. Header vs. Heading Header Heading Underneath the header Only on first page Left hand side Your name, followed by teacher’s name, followed by course name, followed by date Ex) Jessica Simspon Ms. Smith Freshman Composition 1/30/14 • Very top of the page • Repeats on every page • Right hand side • Last name, followed by page number • Ex) Simpson 1

  5. Header How To (Step 1) • Open a blank word document. • At the top of the screen go to “View” and then select “Header and Footer”

  6. Header How To (Step 2) • Justify your alignment to the right • Click in the header • Type your last name • Hit “Close”

  7. Right alignment Close Last name

  8. Header How To (Step 3) • At the top of the screen, click “Insert” then select “Page Number”

  9. Header How To (Step 4) • Once you’ve selected “Page Number” a box will appear. • Using the options, select that you want your page numbers at the TOP of the page and on the RIGHT hand side.

  10. Header How To (Step 5) • Clicking “Okay” on the previous box will insert the page numbers. Your header will now look like this: • It will automatically repeat on all subsequent pages

  11. Heading How To (Step 1) • After you’ve completed the header, click anywhere in the body of the paper. • Change your text alignment to “align left”

  12. Heading How To (Step 2) • Change your spacing to 2.0 (double)

  13. Heading How To (Step 3) • Begin typing the heading. • Only hit the “return” or “enter” key ONCE between each line • Format is as follows: • Your Name • Your Teacher’s Name • Class/Course Name • Date

  14. Creating a Title • Every paper needs a creative and unique title • After writing the heading, hit the “return” or “enter” key ONCE • Center align your text • DO NOT use bold, underline, or italics, or “quotes” for your own title • You must use proper formatting when referencing another work in your title: • Ex) A Tale of Two Citites: Best of Times or Worst of Times? • In this case the title of the published text would be italicized and the rest of your title would not be

  15. Proper heading with no extra space beneath Title

  16. Spacing and Misc. • Remember: Spacing should be double spaced ALWAYS. No exceptions. • You only need ONE space after a period or other piece of punctuation. • You only need to hit “return” or “enter” ONCE between paragraphs or lines as long as you are formatted with double spacing. • Margins on the tops and sides of the page should be 1inch. I will know if they’re not. • Your font should only be size 12 • Your paper should only be in one of the following fonts: • Times New Roman • Arial • Cambria • Calibri

  17. Formatting Titles: When do I…? • Use the “shelf-rule” or “Barnes and Noble rule”: If you can walk into Barnes and Noble and pick it up off the shelf in its full form, it gets either underlinedor italicized • Rule of Thumb: Pick one and stick with it for the duration of your paper. For typed works italics are required, but when you write by hand you can underline. • If you cannot pick it up off the shelf, it goes in “quotes.” Examples 

  18. Formatting Titles: When do I…? Underline or Italicize Use Quotation Marks Poems “Annabelle Lee” Song titles “Applause” Episode titles of a TV show “Three Dinners” Article, chapter, or essay titles “How to get flawless skin” • Books • To Kill a Mockingbird • CDs, Albums • ARTPop • Movies • Pulp Fiction • Television Shows • Modern Family • Newspaper titles • The New York Times • Magazine titles • Seventeen

  19. Works Cited • When you are referencing or quoting other works for a paper you need to cite them in a list at the end of the paper. • This page also has to be in MLA format. • More on this at a later date!