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  1. FLAG John Agard

  2. SYMBOL OF THE FLAG The Flag is present throughout all of war. Symbolises bravery, patriotism, and the country they’re fighting for. ‘Just ask for a flag my friend, then blind your conscience to the end.’ Reality is hidden behind the flag. War is made out to be full of the positives, such as brave warriors; but the reality is that people are willing to die fighting without thinking about the overall impact its going to have on the war. The flag is a cover up, so people don’t have to face the negatives- like putting on a fake smile.

  3. THE FLAG ‘Its just a piece of cloth’ emphasis on the ‘just’, makes it seem like an insignificant piece of material but it does in fact entail a deeper meaning. ‘Just a piece of cloth, that makes the guts of men grow’ Juxtaposition/Antithesis- that something as simple as a flag can in fact have a deeper meaning and a bigger impact on people’s beliefs.

  4. THEME Patriotism- love and devotion to ones country. Kills more people than the enemy does because people are too willing to die for their country- forget how its going to help the country? They’re naive to think that them taking their own life is going to win the war.

  5. STRUCTURE ‘What’s that fluttering in the breeze?’ 8 syllables, first line of every stanza. Asks a question every first line of a stanza. Line structure- 8,6,8 Mimics/Resembles the lyrical tone of the national anthem (another symbol of patriotism)