the tower of fate n.
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The tower of fate

The tower of fate

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The tower of fate

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  1. The tower of fate By Alex, Mollie, Freya, Lachlan, Heather and Finlay

  2. Contents page Why we are designing a wave energy device How it works What it is made of Questions you may ask

  3. Why we are designing a wave energy device We have decided to design a wave energy power machine to help create electricity. We have also been set the task of actually building a model based on our design. We took part in a video conference with a man called Dan Pearsonwho is Chief Executive Officer of a renewable energy company called Meygen. Dan gave us some ideas to help us with our machine. We hope that we can get to build a big version of our design so it can go out to sea.

  4. How it works Our machine works by a float bobbing up and down. There is a bar attached to a wheel. The wheel turns around, spinning a shaft into a generator, making electricity. The generator is stored in a large pentagon shaped storage room. There are also large batteries used for storing electricity. The batteries are stored in the pentagon shaped storage room too.

  5. What it’s made of Mesh A wheel A float Metal bars Thin plastic A small motor A cylinder

  6. Questions you may ask • Q-Where would the device be positioned? • A-The model would be positioned on a beam over the tank. A full scale version would be anchored to the sea bed, near to the shore. We would have it where the biggest waves are. • Q-How would it be maintained and serviced? • A- A supporting boat. It is a simple device, maintained every six months. • Q- What makes our idea a good idea? • A-It produces energy and it doesn’t need fuel. • Q- What affect does it have on the environment ? • A-It will be a bright colour so ships can see it. It will have a small effect on fish and birds.

  7. Hope to be making energy for you in the future! 