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The Fate PowerPoint Presentation

The Fate

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The Fate

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  1. EA The Fate

  2. What is my sons fate? Your son has a very trecherous fate in his future. He will kill you and marry your wife, take your kingdom, and have kids with her.

  3. We must kill him to stop this terrible fate he has. What a horrible fate he has!

  4. The task shall be done right away. Take my son to the mountain and leave him there to die.

  5. It to much to take away a babies life away with such a blank slate. I will take you to the king of Corinth were you shall be safe.

  6. Many years later. To bad your not the kings son. It feels so good to be prince of this kingdom.

  7. I must find out my fate from the oracle. Don’t beileve what that old man had to say its all just a lie.

  8. Oracle you must tell me what my fate is this minute. You will kill your father, marry your mother, and have kids with her.

  9. I must run away from this horrible fate of mine.

  10. Watch out old man or the next time you’ll be sorry. I’ll show you sonny!

  11. How could you kill an old man like me?

  12. What’s cooking good looking? Well aint you the little smooth talker.

  13. I’m pregnant with your child. Now we can start a family.

  14. Oedipus and his wife found out that she is his mother. Jocasta is so devastated by this that she kills herself. Opedipus finds her dead and blinds himself so he cannot see what has happened.