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Psi Iota Xi National Awards 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Psi Iota Xi National Awards 2011

Psi Iota Xi National Awards 2011

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Psi Iota Xi National Awards 2011

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  1. Psi Iota Xi National Awards2011 “It Is A Noble Thing To Give Cheer To Those Less Fortunate About You”

  2. Largest Amount Given To Symphonies District Winners NE-Eta Xi- Auburn NW-Eta Mu- Rochester EC-Alpha- Muncie WC-Gamma Theta- Speedway SE-Epsilon- Columbus SW-Zeta Epsilon- Bargersville

  3. Top Award Epsilon-SE Columbus, IN $3550.00 Congratulations!

  4. Largest Amount Per Capita For All Music Projects District Winners NE-Alpha Delta-Decatur NW-Eta Zeta- Nappanee EC- Beta Gamma- Peru WC-Eta Lambda- Beech Grove SE- Epsilon- Columbus SW- Alpha Omicron-Vincennes

  5. Top Award Eta Lambda-WC Beech Grove, IN $321.42 Per Capita Congratulations!

  6. Largest Amount Per Capita for All Art Projects ( Fine Arts) District Winners NE-Eta Sigma- Grand Rapids NW-Iota Xi- Winamac EC-Alpha Eta- Bluffton WC-Eta Lambda- beech Grove SE-Epsilon-Columbus SW-Alpha Omicron- Vincennes

  7. Top Award Eta Lambda-WC Beech Grove, IN $327.50 Per Capita Congratulations!

  8. Cultural Largest Amount Given To All Cultural Projects District Winners Ne-Eta Xi- Auburn NW-Iota Xi- Winamac EC-Beta Gamma- Peru WC-Eta lambda-Beech grove SE-Epsilon- Columbus SW-Alpha Omicron-Vincennes

  9. Cultural Top Award Epsilon-SE Columbus, IN $11,262.84 Congratulations!

  10. S & H Largest Amount Per Capita, Contributed to Speech and Hearing District Winners NE- Beta Rho- Goshen NW- Eta Gamma -Valparaiso EC- Zeta Beta – Anderson WC- Gamma Xi- Crawfordsville SE- Theta Nu- Lexington, KY SW- Alpha Psi- Washington

  11. S & H Top Award Eta Gamma-NW Valparaiso, IN $719.95 Per Capita Congratulations!

  12. Largest Amount Per Capita, Contributed to All Philanthropic Projects District Winners NE- Phi- Huntington NW- Eta Zeta- Nappanee EC- Beta Delta- Van Wert WC- Eta Lambda- Beech Grove SE- Beta Sigma- Austin SW- Zeta- Bloomington

  13. Top Award 1st Place-Eta Zeta- Nappanee-NW $1320.32 Per Capita 2nd Place-Eta Lambda- Beech Grove-WC $1299.00 Per Capita Congratulations!

  14. Largest Amount Per Capita For Literature/Literacy District Winners NE-Phi-Huntington NW-Eta Epsilon-Mishawaka EC-Gamma Omega- Tipton WC-Eta Lambda- Beech Grove SE-Theta Alpha- New Palestine SW-Zeta Mu- Jasper

  15. Top Award Theta Alpha-SE New Palestine, IN Per Capita $250.00 Congratulations!

  16. Largest Amount Per Capita For Other Projects- Community Outreach District Winners NE-Theta Theta- Fort Wayne NW-Eta Zeta- Nappanee EC-Beta Delta- Van Wert WC-Eta Lambda-Beech Grove SE-Beta Sigma- Austin SW-Zeta-Bloomington

  17. Top Award Eta Zeta-NW Nappanee, IN Per Capita $1,194.43 Congratulations!

  18. Volunteer Service Hours Per Capita District Winners NE-Eta Omicron- Kalamazoo NW-Eta Zeta- Nappanee EC-Delta Epsilon-Muncie WC-Iota Sigma- St. Joseph SE-Alpha Omega- North Vernon SW- Iota Rho-Odon

  19. Top Award Iota Sigma-WC St. Joseph, IL Per Capita 83.78 Hours

  20. Attendance Award- Best Percentage District Winners NE-Theta Kappa- Edon NW-Gamma Beta- Remington EC-Gamma Omega –Tipton WC-Eta Lambda- Beech Grove Se-Zeta Iota- Louisville Sw- Iota Rho-Odon

  21. Top Award Gamma Omega Tipton, IN 97.50% Congratulations!

  22. Louise Clark Convention Attendance Award Theta Nu- Lexington, KY- 67 % Present

  23. New Chapter Gift Hoosier Art Salon Painting “Summer of White Flowers” Artist- Corrine Hull Chapter- Iota TauIndianapolis

  24. “Don’t Count Every Hour In The Day, But Make Every Hour Of The Day Count.” 22,193 Volunteer Hours This Past Year

  25. “Let Us Then Be of Good Cheer That the Lives About Us May Be Enriched” Thank you ladies for the effort and time that you give to this organization. It takes a special effort on your part. We know that in each and every one of your hearts, there is a special place for PIX. Help us keep the spirit of PIX alive by sharing your efforts and successes with as many as possible here this weekend. National Council PaxVobiscum