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Awards 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Awards 2011

Awards 2011

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Awards 2011

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  1. Awards 2011

  2. Scott McAdam Youth Leadership Award Recognizes a youth for outstanding contributions to their community through volunteerismwork experiencestudies.

  3. The nominees are… 1 3 2 PoojaChugh (Yellowknife) Taylor Phillips (Fort Smith) Anna Gauthier (Fort Smith) Fort Smith Animal Shelter Volunteer Coach of Hurricane Swim Club NWT Disabilities Council Volunteer The Scott McAdam Youth Leadership Award

  4. Scott McAdam Youth Leadership Award Winner Taylor Phillips (Fort Smith)

  5. Taylor Phillips– Scott McAdam Youth Leadership Award “I have seen Taylor grow from a dedicated volunteer to a thoughtful youth mentor.” “Aside from spending a week every month caring for animals at the Fort Smith Animal Shelter, she photographs and does write ups for animals for adoption for News/North, Slave River Journal and the SPCA website.”

  6. Taylor PhillipsScott McAdam Youth Leadership Award “Taylor brings a wealth of personal athletic experience to coaching and sport leadership. Her deep commitment means she is present even when it is difficult to do so.” “Taylor is a caring and compassionate young woman who believes in giving her all to a task, or to a friend, even to an animal, in need.”

  7. Innovation Award Recognizes a community/organization/individual that has developed a new program, facility or approach to recreation and parks services. Improves access/opportunities to choose an active, healthy lifestyle.

  8. The nominees are… 1 3 2 Tłıcho Government (Tłıcho Region) Cynthia Wicks (Inuvik) Sheena Adams (Inuvik) Inuvik Greenhouse & Yoga Teacher Inuvik Run Club Innovation Award

  9. Innovation Award Winners Cynthia Wicks (Inuvik)Tłıcho Government

  10. TłıchoĮmbè Program (Tłıcho Summer Program)Innovation Award Young leaders often need to choose between access to education and employment and access to their Elders and community mentors. Solution: Six week summer employment program hiring youth to spend their summer working in their own communities with Elders. Service Projects

  11. TłıchoĮmbè Program (Tłıcho Summer Program)Innovation Award Cultural Activities – fish cleaning, paddle making, drum-making, photo identification, traditional medicines Safety and Certifications First Aid Gun Safety GPS Canoe Safety

  12. TłıchoĮmbèProgram– Innovation Award “I have changed during the summer by doing what I’m supposed to do and waking up early regularly on a daily basis. I learned to have fun in a group and keep focused on work” – Nicole Wetrade “Being on the land, means a lot of different things to me, I have learned to respect it, and always give the land an offering even if you have been there before, just to make peace on the water and land and always have respect for it” – Courtney Wanazah

  13. Cynthia Wicks (Inuvik Run Club)Innovation Award “Within several weeks of arriving to Inuvik, Cindy organized a run club in September 2010.” “Cindy regularly attends and trains runners of all ages and abilities 3x/wk with the club.” The group proudly hosts the Arctic Challenge and Midnight Sun Fun Run. In 2011, the Arctic Challenge welcomed world renowned ultra marathon runner AlicjaBarahona who ran from Inuvik to Tuk and back. All proceeds went to the Inuvik Homeless Shelter.

  14. Cynthia Wicks (Inuvik Run Club)Innovation Award “Cynthia is very encouraging and motivational. If it were not for her I wouldn’t be running.” – Inuvik Run Club Member “Running has always been my therapy so it’s something that I love to do and I want to share that with others.” – Cynthia Wicks

  15. Award of Excellence Recognizes an individual/organization/community that contributes to recreation and parks development and demonstratesprofessionalismcommunity engagementsignificant achievements.

  16. The nominees are… 1 2 Lois Philipp Caren Burke Norman Wells Fort Providence Award of Excellence

  17. Award of Excellence Winner Lois Philipp (Fort Providence)

  18. Award of Excellence Lois Philipp “From volunteering at the local ski club, Habitat for Humanity, Northern Youth Abroad and various roles in Major Games.” “She is an asset to Fort Providence and the North in general.”

  19. “In her spare time she travels the world helping others in need.” “At the end of her very busy days managing a very active school, you will find her walking to the campground and back where she routinely visits community members.” “Lois is an advocate for active living, youth leadership, education and travel.” Award of Excellence winner – Lois Philipp

  20. Honourary Life Membership Recognizes a member who has made an outstanding contribution to the recreation and parks field, who has significantly served the NWTRPA and is nearing or completed their career in the recreation field.

  21. Honourary Life Membership Winner Julian Tomlinson (Yellowknife)

  22. Honourary Life Membership Julian Tomlinson “Julian carried a vision of what a strong and integrated recreation and sport sector could look like in the NWT. He fought hard and provided the leadership necessary to make things happen.” “Julian has been active for 25 years plus in the NWT and Nunavut.”

  23. Julian Tomlinson– Honourary Life Membership “Julian has a passion for teaching. His enthusiasm for recreation was shared with many students over the years he taught at Aurora College. Julian is responsible for training many students who have taken on leadership positions in our field.”

  24. Julian TomlinsonHonourary Life Membership “Julian worked long and hard to have recreation trails in all NWT communities to promote active living and healthy lifestyles. His incredible journey through NWT and Nunavut as part of the Trans Canada Trail relay exemplified his dedication and determination to ensure that we were all part of the TCT legacy.”