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J2ME. Terms Used in J2ME :         1) MIDP :   Mobile Information Device Profile.  Which contains Java APIs for user network                          connections, persistence storage, and the user interface. It also has                        access to CLDC libraries

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  1. J2ME Terms Used in J2ME :         1) MIDP :  Mobile Information Device Profile. Which contains Java APIs for user network                          connections, persistence storage, and the user interface. It also has                        access to CLDC libraries         2) CLDC :Connected Limited Device Configuration.It is a specification of a framework for Java ME                                 applications targeted at devices with very limited resources such as pagers andmobile                                  phones.         3) MIDlet:  A MIDlet is a Java app framework for the Mobile Information Device Profile(MIDP)                                      that is typically implemented on a Java-enabled cell phone or other embedded device                                       or emulator. MIDlets are applications, such as games.

  2. Sample Programs Implemented 1) Hello World 2) Telephone Directory

  3. BlackBerry Developed by Research In Motion (RIM), the BlackBerry is a handheld wireless device whose major selling feature to date has been instant, secure, mobile access to email. RIM's has its own Java virtual machine (JVM)1, which supports the Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) and the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP). BlackBerry-specific APIs,

  4. Sample Programs 1)hello world and 2) division of screen

  5. Sample Programs 3) Calculator  4)ListField

  6. TreeField and TreeFieldCallBack TreeFieldCallBack paints actual tree of field in graphics and by overriding paint method.

  7. import net.rim.device.api.xml.parsers.*; • SAXParser Parses XML documents. SAXParserFactory A factory to configure and create SAXParser instances. • SAXParserFactory is a manager kind of thing which maintains and reuse parsers. XML Parser

  8. net.rim.device.api.i18n.ResourceBundle class to be imported • Provides functionality that supports the internationalization of applications on RIM Devices. • To files .rrh and .rrc.(resource header and resource content). • Text translation is efficient because all of the text strings for a given locale are stored in a single file, outside your source code. • BlackBerry Java Applications can dynamically retrieve the appropriate text to display to the BlackBerry device user, based on the locale of the BlackBerry device user. Localization

  9. GPS Overview Different modes available in gps: 1)autonomous: GPS Positioning satellite 2)Asssisted: GPS Positioning satellite and Servers on the wireless n/w 3)CellSite : Geolocation service being available or the wireless network providing the GPS location of the current base station Package:         javax.microedition.location         javax.microedition.location.coordinates

  10. Classes Used in GPS Implementation • MapsArguments • Invoke • MapView •  -Only USA and CANADA map. • To get Longitude and latitude of given location to use in local gps location we use google API which gives longitude and latitude of given location .

  11. GPS using Static Google Map API • -For whole World Map • -Different functionality : • Zoom Levels • Image Sizes • Image Formats • Map Types • Adding Markers • Marker Styles • Marker Locations •  Static Map Paths

  12. GPS Application 1)Initial user interface  2)exact location with path in  google map

  13. Online Streaming Video   • Classes •     -Player •     -VideoControl •     - VideoManager

  14. Program  which play local video

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