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J2ME PROJECT. Presented by: Madiaw Diop Aminata Kane El Hadji Mambaye Ndiaye Sandrine Thiombiano. Presentation. Lougnou - togg is a J2ME application developped to improve students live in the campus.

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  1. J2ME PROJECT Presented by: MadiawDiop Aminata Kane El Hadji MambayeNdiaye Sandrine Thiombiano

  2. Presentation Lougnou-toggis a J2ME application developped to improvestudents live in the campus. This application willsendeverydaya sms to studentssubcrib about foodwhich are becookedthisday and name of second service. We have 2 restorant :ESP and ENSETP

  3. Structure Application has been developedwith design pattern mvc. View We have 5 views: Formconf:Confirmation of sending message. FormSave: to subcribstudents FormSend:tosend message MyList:choiceif is to subscrib or to send sms MyView:abstract classe

  4. Structure Model MyModel Have all data and are modified by controller. Controller MyController control model,andgive modifications to do. Midlet MonAppli The main of application

  5. Fonctionnement Enregistre : Num Tel NbMois Inscription Responsable Client Menu du jour Déjeuné Diner Nom second service Envois sms


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