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Sam’s Club Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Sam’s Club Marketing

Sam’s Club Marketing

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Sam’s Club Marketing

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  1. Sam’s Club Marketing By: Joe Antonucci

  2. About Sam’s Club • Sam's Club is an American chain of membership-only retail warehouse clubs owned and operated by Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. • Biggest Competitors are Costco and BJ’s • 621 Clubs in the U.S. and Puerto Rico • 47 million members in the U.S. and Puerto Rico

  3. Planning for Sam’s Club encompasses many of the traditional media mediums, which is very similar to all their competitors. • Radio planning includes live reads, local radio advertising, and radio remotes at store locations • Newspaper planning includes FSI’s, ROP’s, and Valassis (Shared Mail) • OOH planning includes billboards, digital posters, mobile billboards, news racks, etc. Planning for Focus Clubs Can adding a new medium make the client stand out from all of its competitors?

  4. Nicholasville, KY Info from brief: Competitive plan Population: 28,294 The 4728 Nicholasville club’s primary member base is declining. A comprehensive marketing support plan is needed in order to combat the loss of members and revenue that a competitive entry can create.

  5. Usual Media Plan

  6. Guerilla Marketing Source: Neil Patelthe co-founder ofKISSmetrics The act of executing an unusual or unexpected marketing activity in a common, everyday place in order to generate a buzz for your products or services Research has shown that traditional advertising media has an impression recall of 33% While guerrilla marketing impressions tend to have a recall near 100%

  7. Example of Guerrilla Stunts TNT - Belgium

  8. Example of Guerrilla Stunts Volkswagen – The Fast Lane

  9. Holiday Brainstorm • In mid June our team had this meeting to come up with doable, not doable, and innovative tactics for holiday • What holidays mean – how that translates to the human experience • Traditions and rituals • Family and friends • Holiday meal • Many different radio possibilities that include Pandora and NASH

  10. Ideas Pop-Up Rockefeller Center Costs Ice skating rink set up and rental = $50,000 30 ft. Rockefeller Pine Christmas tree with lights = $12,999 Sam’s employees to work event all weekend (EMS to be volunteered by local department)= $1,300 Total = $64,299 • With the city's permission in a prominent location set up overnight “Rockefeller Center presented by Sam’s Club” during Christmas time for a weekend • People who only get to see this on TV will now get to live it along with associating the company with Christmas in this city

  11. Ideas Santa’s New Sleighs Costs Each truck rented (Budget) will cost $35 a day and $1 a mile = $495 Vinyl graphics to put on all the trucks = $4,455 Reindeer costumes and workers = $855 Total = $5,805 • People dressed as reindeer driving “Santa’s Sleighs” around main street in town which are really trucks • There will be 9 trucks labeled as one for each of the reindeer • Since Santa shopped at Sam’s he bought too much that will fit in just one sleigh

  12. Ideas Elves givingin Bulk Costs Rental of 25 elf costumes and cost of workers = $1,500 Free product that will be given away = $625 Cost of mobile billboard for one week from Clear Channel including production (approx.) = $4,800 Total = $6,925 • 25 people dressed up as elves come into a big town event and give out gifts to some of the kids there • A mobile billboard later pulls in that reads “Isn’t being able to afford 25 gifts better than 1?Shop at Sam’s Club for your Holiday shopping”

  13. Unique Opportunity

  14. Thank You! Any questions? All images used under US Fair Use for non-profit, educational purposes