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Scariest Animals on Earth! PowerPoint Presentation
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Scariest Animals on Earth!

Scariest Animals on Earth!

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Scariest Animals on Earth!

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  1. Scariest Animals on Earth! Happy Halloween!

  2. Aye-Aye Primate found in Madagascar Bony witch-like fingers that they use to pry out insects from tree trunks They are killed based on local superstition that they are the harbinger of death! Don’t worry though, they are completely harmless! IUCN: Not Threatened

  3. Basking Sharks One of the biggest species of sharks! Don’t worry though! They only eat plankton and couldn’t chomp down on you even if it tried! IUCN: vulnerable

  4. Vampire Bats Mysterious blood suckers that only come out at night! Don’t worry though, even though they feast on blood, they prefer the blood of cattle. You wouldn’t even feel it if they bit you! Also it is not proven that they turn into vampires! IUCN: Least Concern

  5. Goliath Birdeater One of the largest species of spider! Named for when it was discovered eating a hummingbird! Don’t worry though, they are entirely harmless towards humans! IUCN: Not evaluated

  6. Milk Snake This snake mimics the look of the highly poisonous coral snake. This snake is actually completely harmless, and can be handled by humans! Remember “Red next to black friend of Jack, Red next to yellow deadly fellow” IUCN: Not classified

  7. These animals may look cute. But be careful!

  8. Pufferfish! This fellow looks cute, but beware! It is the second most poisonous vertebrate on the planet. Its toxin will paralyze your diaphragm, causing suffocation. There is no antidote! IUCN: Least Concern

  9. Moose They may look goofy, but watch out! They normally won’t harm humans, but they can get aggressive. They attack more people a year than bears do! IUCN: Least Concern

  10. Cassowary It may look like a colorful ostrich, but it can be aggressive and deadly. It attacks its target by charging with its claws, trying to disembowel its victim IUCN: Vulnerable

  11. Blue-ringed Octopus It is small and colorful, about the size of a golf ball. It carries enough venom to kill 26 humans within minutes! There is no antidote! IUCN: Not classified

  12. Poison Dart Frog They come in many pretty colors! While most won’t kill (some will) you they are among the most poisonous animals on Earth. Their poison is used for the tips of blow darts IUCN: Some are listed as threatened and endangered

  13. Giant Anteater While cute and fuzzy they can be very dangerous. Even though they eat ants and insects they can maul a human and disembowel them in one swipe. IUCN: Vulnerable

  14. Monkeys and apes While cute and beloved by many monkeys and apes can be deadly! They carry many diseases and some are strong enough to maul humans when threatened. A chimpanzee attacked a woman in 2009 in Connecticut. The woman lost her lips, eyelids and hands in the attacks