five tips for planning a successful incentive n.
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Five Tips for Planning a Successful Incentive Travel Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Five Tips for Planning a Successful Incentive Travel Program

Five Tips for Planning a Successful Incentive Travel Program

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Five Tips for Planning a Successful Incentive Travel Program

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  1. Five Tips for Planning a Successful Incentive Travel Program

  2. Travel incentives are some of the most powerful, desired rewards and can provide large returns on program investments via the uncommonly high amount of engagement and motivation they produce. If you need someone to plan, manage, or handle any or all aspects of your next incentive trip or incentive travel package, our company, Hands Up Incentives, has everything you need. Over several decades, Hands Up Incentives has created and fostered long-lasting partnerships with some of the world’s most popular travel vendors. These relationships give us preferred rates, benefits and concessions, which benefit you by giving you access to some of the best travel deals for your next group travel incentive program.

  3. Strong Emotional Reactions This type of program produce an amazing experience from beginning to end. They can help set up events and shows through local vendors and can make your incentive travel program experience that much better if this is the type of experience your company is seeking.

  4. Your Attendees Want a Connection, and to Feel Welcome Although over-scheduling activities for an incentive trip will take away the reward element, attendees still want to feel connected to your company and have options for activities. This is especially important for the employees’ guests. While you may only plan a few meetings or receptions for an incentive trip, it is key to provide suggestions and details on a variety of other activities for attendees.

  5. Incites Conversations This type of incentive travel program utilizes the top ranked achievers as conversation starters and encourages them to be mouthpieces of the program and the company’s objectives. They’re also encouraged to take to, or are chosen because of their social media connection and ability to use the medium to promote the company and the program’s objectives.

  6. Act Like The Winners This type of incentive travel program revolves around educating all participants on how to think, behave, and perform like a winner – typically through the sharing of best practices. It acknowledges that winners do in fact act and behave differently, and wants to share the behaviors with all participants. It gives them the motivation to continue performing well in the future because it recognizes their merit, and it motivates other participants to perform this way too because they want to be the ones recognized next time.

  7. Have a Goal Although an incentive program may have a more flexible schedule and less scheduled activities, don’t forget the all-important step of setting a goal! It is still important to identify what you want attendees to leave with, whether that be new knowledge, a fresh outlook on the company, or simply to come back to work feeling rested and enthusiastic. Keep the goal in mind related to any events you actually schedule.