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Beauty Industry Trends PowerPoint Presentation
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Beauty Industry Trends

Beauty Industry Trends

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Beauty Industry Trends

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  1. Beauty Industry Trends 2008 and beyond Prepared by: Joanne Aubry for GRC Centre

  2. Spa industry is the 4th largest leisure industry in the U.S. • Spa experiences is increasingly being highlighted in movies, television shows, ads and popular magazines. • Increased awareness of the benefits of spa experience is helping consumers incorporate spa into their everyday lives.  • Number of spas in Canada increased from 1,200 to 2,100, and revenues rose from $610 million to $1.1 billion, between 2002 and 2004.

  3. Increased Male Clientele • Some Spas are reporting as high as 28% • No. 1 treatment is massage, followed by pedicures and facials • Golf/spa and tennis/spa packages • Men-only nights • Bachelor parties

  4. Spa Design comes Home • Products, massage tables as well as clothing and candles is mainstream. • Cooking classes • Lessons on balancing and managing stress • Lifestyle classes at spas teach guests how to take the healthy lessons of the spa home with them

  5. Social Spa-ing • Analysts predict the search for spa solitude will be overcome by the natural desire for community and a growing awareness that social interaction is an important aspect of health.

  6. Eco Spas • More consciousness about environmental awareness and build more “green” spas, those which are energy efficient • Water conservation, utilize recycled building materials • And are built in a way that minimizes the impact on the environment. 

  7. Spas and spa consumers are getting serious about terms like natural, organic, holistic, green, eco-friendly, and sustainable. • All-natural ingredients only which are packaged in recyclable plastic containers or refillable bottles.  • Many products that donate a portion of proceeds to an environmental charity or back to the community.

  8. Beauty inside-out and ouside-in • Full-scale beauty regimens, from the inside out phenomenon • As evidence mounts that diet has a major effect on how our skin ages: Anti-aging foods rich in antioxidants such as berries, dark green leafy vegetables, salmon, and nuts are also part of the "inside-out"

  9. Mobile Spas • Operating without a brick-and-mortar spa “Spa to Go” • Services are being provided at: • Corporate events, concerts, swanky special events, home gatherings, bridal parties and even family reunions • Mobility provides an ideal career niche for free-spirited practitioners who simply don’t want to have to show up at the same place daily to enjoy a lucrative livelihood.

  10.  Medical Components • Medical spas offer guests the opportunity to focus on complete health and wellness and stress reduction under one roof. • Clients book for their physical examinations and book a wellness or “feel good” treatment at the same time.

  11. "Can I stay just a little longer?" • More time crunched, spa-goers are requesting longer treatments - allowing for an extended, enhanced and more meaningful spa experience offering: 90- and 120-minute treatments as well as packages that last several hours, a half day or a full day.

  12. Spa Fusion • Thai massage (a fusion of yoga stretches and massage) • Watsu (water and shiatsu) • Yogalates (yoga and pilates) • Wellness (well-being and fitness) • Facials with breathwork • Jacuzzis with light therapy

  13. Niche Markets • Tweens &Teens spas, Foot spas, Male-only • Creating niches to beat the competition • Increase in chain spas (similar to McDonalds fast food world) available in malls and shopping complexes that service to a mass market with treatments available at a lower price point

  14. Indigenous ingredients • Cactus flower juice for your facial • Barbecue sauce and sweat lodge ceremonies • Flavoured pedicures are all the rage, and are often created with a particular season or holiday in mind: apple pedicure in autumn and a cranberry pedicure at Christmas, Valentine's day using rose petals and rose water • Chocolate or malt and barley pedicures

  15. Retail Gadgets • Clairsonic™: ultrasound facial brush, $250 • My Zeno™: Pimple zapper for home use, $200 • The WellBox™: endermology and face toning, $3,000

  16. Stay Spas go Exotic • Diversifying treatment offerings with indigenous experiences: Thai massage, Ashtanga and Indian head massage join Ayurveda, Shiatsu, and hot stone massage as popular treatments. • On the spa product front, 2 trends are: high-tech cosmecuticals and “no-tech” organics. Meanwhile Day Spas get back to basics • Day spas are removing long, confusing menus and focusing on massage, facials, and other mainstays. Some will embrace express, no frills and discount concepts.

  17. Spa-Goers Become Spa "Goal-ers" -- • Travelers hit destination and resort spas to: quit smoking, recover from grief, achieve spiritual awareness, improve sexual health, or detoxing “which is becoming an extremely popular spa pursuit in our toxic times”. • Men come for physical fitness and pain reduction treatments. They also discover that spa-grooming treatments have a positive impact on their business and personal life. • fff

  18. Body Facials Mineral Make up Ayurveda Nanotechnology Airport Spas Peptides Transdermal Technology Children’s Spas Bespoke Spa Treatments

  19. For more info check out: GRCC for Beauty Care