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Steal This Presentation! How to Create Content for Social Sharing PowerPoint Presentation
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Steal This Presentation! How to Create Content for Social Sharing

Steal This Presentation! How to Create Content for Social Sharing

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Steal This Presentation! How to Create Content for Social Sharing

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  1. Paul Gillin Author: The New Influencers Secrets of Social Media Marketing Social Marketing to the Business Customer Attack of the Customers Steal This Presentation! How to Create Content for Social Sharing

  2. Readers are People, Not Statistics

  3. Psychographic Profile: Small Business IT

  4. Psychographic Profile: Enterprise CIO

  5. Think Like a Reader

  6. The Reader’s Shoes • Imagine yourself in a similar decision-making scenario. What issues occur to you? • Review motivations of your target audience. How might your solution serve their need for success or recognition? • What common fears does your solution address? • How can you help your customer make a safe decision? • How can you help your customer get that big promotion or bonus? • Imagine your customer giving a testimonial presentation. What might he or she say?

  7. Lessons from Redbook It’s All About YOU @pgillin

  8. The overriding message of a typical cover is that if you don’t read this magazine, you’ll be unhappy, ugly and lousy in bed.

  9. You, Yes, You

  10. Choose Your Approach Opportunity Realized Take your market insight to the next level with Business Intelligence Solving Your Problem Don’t know where to start with BI? Use this guide Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt Business Intelligence is a big investment. Learn the most common mistakes. Something for Nothing Try Business Intelligence risk-free with this no-obligation 30-day offer.

  11. 15 Ways to Treat the Same Topic: Online Privacy • Quiz: Test Your Privacy IQ • Skeptic: You Don’t Control Your Privacy Anymore • Explainer: The Online Privacy Debate in Plain English • Case Study: How One Person Got Control Over Privacy • Contrarian: Why Online Privacy Concerns Are Overblown • How To: Five Steps to Improving Online Privacy • How NOT To: Five Ways to Compromise Your Online Privacy • First Person: My Personal Privacy Horror Story • Comparison: How Privacy Protection Services Measure Up • Q&A: Five Common Questions About Online Privacy • Data: Survey Data Indicates Privacy Problems Worsening • ‘Man on the Street’: Experts Offer Opinions on the State of Online Privacy • Outrageous: Why Online Privacy Is an Oxymoron • Poetic: Online Privacy Haiku • Humorous: Abbott and Costello Talk Online Privacy

  12. Something is Amiss Telecom’s Big Players Hold Back the Future Susan Crawford, a professor at the school…is on a permanent campaign asserting that the status quo has been great for providers but an expensive mess for everyone else. David Carr in The New York Times, 5/19/13 On the Flip Side As Crowdfunding Grows, the Rewards Increase -- but So Do the Risks Crowdfundingis now recognized as a reliable funding avenue for both start-ups and established firms. But the growth of the sector also creates more regulatory challenges and raises questions about the risks that funders take when they put their money behind a project. Knowledge @Wharton, 5/8/13

  13. Be Very Scared When Secrets Get Outed on Facebook The era of social networks creates a challenge for individuals navigating the personal-data economy: how to keep anything private when it is difficult to predict where your information will end up. Wall Street Journal, 10/13/12 OMG Study: Kids Are Prejudiced Against Fat People by Age 4 British elementary school students believed an overweight storybook character was more likely to be naughty and less likely to have friends. The Atlantic, 5/20/13

  14. Didn’t See That Coming Google Glass Is Watching—Now What? As Congress frets about privacy implications of Google Glass, one thing is clear: The technology that can redefine what is "public" and link the digital and physical worlds is here. Wall Street Journal, 5/20/13 Clash of the Titans VMware Hybrid Cloud Plans: Time for Amazon Answer This announcement is needed, not because customers demand it, but because VMware needs to do something to arrest Amazon's continued reach inside corporate IT. Informationweek, 5/20/13

  15. Write for the Destination “Meetings r people trying to figure out who'll foolishly take responsibility for what happens next” - @ThisIsSethsBlog #Inbound13 Can you relate? Seth Godin at the Inbound 2013 conference says, “Meetings are people sitting around trying to figure out who'll foolishly take responsibility for what happens next.” Seth Godin at HubSpot’s #Inbound13 conference: “Meetings are people sitting around trying to figure out who'll foolishly take responsibility for what happens next.” What’s your worst meeting experience?

  16. Writing for Facebook Surprise, provoke, inquire Be upbeat and light-hearted Finish with a question mark Use images – they get 80% better engagement on average Make images provocative or self-explanatory Have personality; be informal Respond to comments

  17. Good Tweets How to Make Images the Right Size for Your Facebook Cover Photo by @azurecollier– Constant Contact TIP: Have a clear message when creating your email. #video – Constant Contact Meet the Nerd King (or “How to give the best convocation speech ever”) [video] - Guy Kawasaki Very thorough @kissmetrics guide: 54 Resources for Getting the Most Out of Google Analytics via @copyblogger– Sofia Zab This free white paper offers advice on using Google+ the right way - - Copyblogger You would be SO much smarter if you read @MitchJoel more often: - Chris Brogan

  18. Tweets to Avoid Cheap entertainment: Watching article commenters argue with each other. 15 users just unfollowed me. Via @findUnfollower #iPhone #App I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to (expletive) drive.“ HELP ME SAVE LIVES @sharethis #myQPflavor #USOpen #fundanything #oklahoma #weather #tornado #WhatMakesMeMad #GMA I checked in at Starbucks on #Yelp Thanks God is friday! Needs context Auto notification Be positive Hash tag spam Who cares? Can you spell?

  19. Simple Questions Often Work Best

  20. Digital Media Through the Buying Cycle Awareness phase Decision phase Consideration phase Case studies – written and video Private networks/branded communities Social networks/public communities Trials/demos Product literature Search engines Email newsletters Blogs White papers/webcasts

  21. Develop Content for Each Stage

  22. Match Media to Each Message

  23. Thank You! Paul Gillin 508-656-0734 Twitter: @pgillin #bpblogging