how to improve recycling in sandefjord n.
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  2. What is recycling? Form Recycling mainly is to make old materials new again so they would function the same way as they did before. People find it hard to recycle plastic because there are not any plastic bins so many garbage bins for plastic.

  3. What does Sandefjord recycle? Form Sandefjord doesn’t really recycle anything they only collect it, and give it out to other dumps that have been checked by the company that owns the recycling in Norway. The garbage company picks up paper, hazardous waste and glass.

  4. Where can you recycle in Sandefjord? Form Most people usually put it in the recycling cans in their houses or outside into the recycling cans (if they have them)and many people drive all the way to the dump or the grocery stores where you can recycle (i.e. Joker).

  5. What things can be recycled/not recycled? Form My opinion is that Almost everything can be recycled except for biodegradable things and some metals but some humans don’t bother constructing a program to recycle it. Currently humans recycle paper, glass, metal, and plastic. There are some things that cannot be recycled at this age of time. Humans have problems recycling radioactive waste biodegradable waste and chemical waste.

  6. How does the process of recycling work? Where does it go? Function Every other week the recycling facility picks up the garbage and paper while food is picked up every week, and plastic will be picked up in the Fall when the new company Ragn Sells takes over.

  7. Why is it important to recycle? • It is important to recycle or we will die! If you don’t recycle the earth will run out of supplies and materials faster. If we don’t stop throwing away garbage it will pollute the air, the soil, and the water. Some of the waste is even toxic, thiswill cause too much CO2 to go up into the atmosphere and ruin our protection(The atmosphere) so we die out.

  8. How do Sandefjord Households recycle? Sandefjord is not different from othercities. Sandefjord has thebinsthateveryother city has. People in Sandefjord can drive to the dump and drop off whatcannot be recycled at their houses. Somepeoplealsorecycle at grocery stores.

  9. What will happen if we don’t recycle? If we don’t recycle, Earth will have a problem! Earth’s resources will run out and not only humans will suffer but many other animals will. We will ruin the atmosphere by pollution which will eliminate all living things on the planet that need oxygen. Pollution has always been a problem on Earth. Many things the humans have made has created pollution. Pollution will destroy the atmosphere bit by bit in a very slow speed. Some countries are doing well with recycling (Germany is one of the best at recycling while the United States is struggling).

  10. What is the cause for people to recycle/not recycle? People recycle because they know they are making it worse if they don’t recycle. Some people are just very environmental friendly and they just do it because they are aware of the situation and help as much as they can. Some people feel that they have to recycle or else we will die. People don’t recycle because it takes time, it’s boring or they just think «I can do it later. I have much time». The negative thing is that we don’t have forever. We only have some time to save the world and if you care start with recycling.

  11. How has the amount of garbage in Sandefjord increased/decreased in the past 20 years? Garbage has increased in a way but also decreased. Since we are in a more modern age people use more things than before so it has gotten harder to recycle everything, but before, you never did recycle. You may only have sorted it out and then everything just got dumped at the same place because they didn’t have all the things they needed to recycle it. Garbage has increased but at the same time, we recycle now. In the 1980s Norway had started recycling, but what the people of Norway didn’t know, was that when they had sorted it out, the company that took the garbage in just mixed it all up and threw it away. Eventually people stopped recycling because they found out that everything got dumped in one pile.

  12. When did people first recycle? “Paper recycling began in Britain in 1921, when the British Waste Paper Association was established to encourage trade in waste paper recycling.” In the 1980s people in Norway started to put the garbage into different recycling binsbut when the factoriesgot it they just put everything in one place. Norway couldn’t afford it or they were busy with something else. In Norway the different bins were here around the 1990s.

  13. How can the recycling program improve in Sandefjord? Sandefjord can improve with having longer opening times at “Kastetmiljøstasjon”, so people at work can come home, drive to the dump, drop off their trash and come home knowing that they have done what they could to help the environment. If you go to the dump you will help the environment because they recycle it. Have more and larger bins for paper, cardboard, glass, metals, and hazardous waste at homes. People should have a bin for everything that is thrown away and try to recycle it. I think Ragn Sells should be collecting the trashbecause they are taking over the “Kastetmiljøstasjon”

  14. What do students of Skagerak Primary Schoolthink recycling means?

  15. What is our Responsibility in recycling? We have to go to the dump and put the trash in the right recycling bins. At home we also have to put garbage in the can where it belongs so the garbage foundation doesn’t just throw it away or have to sort everything over again. We have to take care of our environment by picking up trash and putting it into the different recycling bins.

  16. How does recycling connect to global warming? Recycling is important because if you just leave trash it will create poisonous gases for plants which rise into the air and destroys the precious atmosphere that the Earth totally relies on. We need oxygen, and it will go away from Earth if we don’t have any atmosphere. Which means we are going to die as well as every other thing that relies on oxygen. Without the atmosphere Planet Terra(Earth) will not be protected against meteors or anything else that could crash into the planet. DON’T THROW AWAY, DON’T BE A NATURE HATER, SAVE THE WORLD BY RECYCLING!

  17. How does recycling connect to the environment? Garbage creates CO2 which the trees absorb to let out. Recycling helps the environment because we don’t use up as much of Earths supplies. Too much CO2 destroys the atmosphere.

  18. How do we know recycling is important? We know it is important because it is what humans have to do to improve the world, to stop global warming. Humans are aware of the problems they will cause if they don’t recycle. I know this because humans have it on TV programs and documentaries. But still, some people don’t bother to recycle.

  19. What is the city council’s responsibility for recycling? The city council should give recycling bins to the schools and people that want to help so they have the equipment they need. If the schools begin to be better at recycling it will improve the recycling in the city they are in. They should use the money to buy bins for every type of material that gets recycled.

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