bell ringer 3 minute time limit n.
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Bell Ringer – 3 minute time limit PowerPoint Presentation
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Bell Ringer – 3 minute time limit

Bell Ringer – 3 minute time limit

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Bell Ringer – 3 minute time limit

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  1. Bell Ringer – 3 minute time limit • Which of the following will NOT automatically provide a person with American citizenship? (A) being born to an American president (B) becoming naturalized (C) being born in the United States (D) living in the country for five years

  2. Rights, Duties and Responsibilities of Citizens Chapter 3, Section 2

  3. By the end of today’s lesson,you should be able to: • Distinguish between rights, duties, and responsibilities of citizens. • Provide examples of duties and responsibilities of American citizens.

  4. Rights, Duties, & Responsibilities • Rights are guaranteed by the Constitution. • Duties are things we are required to do by law. If you do not, there is a legal penalty. • Responsibilities are things you should do. They are voluntary and there is no legal penalty if you do not fulfill your responsibilities.

  5. Rights of Aliens • Legal Aliens have most of the same rights as citizens • Can not hold elected office • Can not work in some government jobs

  6. Rights of Citizens • Government exists to preserve the citizens’ rights • The rights of American citizens are based on beliefs and values. • The Bill of Rights added specific rights to the Constitution • Other rights have been added through Constitutional amendments and laws such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964

  7. Examples of Citizens’ Rights • Right to Vote • Right to Hold Elected Office • Right to Practice Your Own Religion • Right to a Fair Trial

  8. Duties of American Citizens • Obey the laws • Pay Taxes • Defend the nation by men over 18 registering for the draft • Jury Duty • Serve as witnesses at trials • Attend School

  9. Responsibilities of American Citizens • VOLUNTARY!!! • No legal consequence if you do not fulfill your responsibilities, but the quality of our government and communities rely on citizens fulfilling their responsibilities. • Individual Responsibilities • Civic Responsibilities to the Community

  10. Individual Responsibilities • Respect for rights of others • Respect diversity • Self-discipline • Negotiation • Compromise

  11. Contributing to the Common Good Make Our Nation A Better Place • Be informed • Vote • Political Participation – vote, speak at government meetings, write letters to representatives, run for office • Volunteer

  12. Roles of Citizens • Run for political office • Volunteer • Be informed!!!

  13. Comprehension Check What is the difference in a responsibility and a duty? Duties are required by law and have a punishment if not done. Responsibilities are voluntary.

  14. Comprehension Check Are the following examples duty or a responsibility? Be Informed Attend School Vote Defend the Nation Follow the Speed Limit

  15. Comprehension Check Are the following examples a duty or a responsibility? Serve on Jury Political Participation Respect the Rights of Others Pay Taxes Run for Elected Office

  16. Comprehension Check What is an example of a duty in your personal life? What is an example of a responsibility in your personal life?

  17. Comprehension Check What are rights of American citizens based on? Beliefs and Values

  18. Comprehension Check • What are some examples of responsibilities that a good citizen should do? • Political Participation, Respect Diversity, Work for the Common Good of the Community – volunteering, etc.

  19. Comprehension Check • What are some roles of citizens in the United States? • Obey Laws, Pay Taxes, Vote, Run for Office, Be Informed, Volunteer

  20. Assignment • Fold a sheet of white paper in half • On one-half of the paper, write the term (rights, duties, or responsibilities) and definition that you have been assigned (fill the ½ of the paper) • On the other half of the paper, draw examples of this term.