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Earth stations radio monitoring system of Ukraine

Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies. Earth stations radio monitoring system of Ukraine. Space Radio Monitoring Station. Space radio monitoring station (with geolocation function). Designation of the station.

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Earth stations radio monitoring system of Ukraine

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  1. Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies Earth stations radio monitoring system of Ukraine Space Radio Monitoring Station

  2. Space radio monitoring station (with geolocation function)

  3. Designation of the station • - Measuring parameters of satellite stations emissions in the frequency bands C (from 3,4 to 4,2 GHz) andKu (from 10,7 to 12,75 GHz); • - Earth stations location (geolocation) in the above mentioned frequency bands.

  4. Station capabilities

  5. Earth Stations in the UCRF affiliates Чернігів 38 82 Луцьк 91 Київ 66 99 Рівне Суми Житомир Львів Харків 296 Полтава 270 63 Тернопіль 67 Хмельницький Черкаси 123 31 121 82 86 Луганськ Ужгород Дніпропетровськ Вінниця 87 Ів.-Франківськ 196 112 141 26 274 Кіровоград Донецьк Чернівці Запоріжжя 107 Миколаїв 74 131 170 Одеса Херсон Симферополь 214 Total number of earth stations in Ukraine – 3276 as of 01 July, 2013 Севастополь 49

  6. The System Structure • Compass – used for diagnostics, control over GeoMonterrestrial equipment and antenna pointing to satellites. • Monics – used for measuring the earth stations emission parameters, satellite stations carrier frequencies and for maintenance the Monics data base. • Sat ID– used for geolocation of earth stations and calculation of satellite ephemerides. • Radiofrequency facilities–satellite antennas and electronic facilities to receive satellite signals for further measurement.

  7. Аntenna 2 Secondary Antenna 1 Primary

  8. Hardware systemfrequencymonitoring

  9. Control System Compass

  10. Program Interface Monics

  11. Earth station main measuring parameters

  12. Conditions for successful geolocation

  13. Geolocation principle Earth station geolocation scenario Different travel paths allow to measure differential time offset(DTO) N Different velocities of satellites allow to measure differential frequency offset(DFO) W E Earth Stations SystemGeoMon S

  14. Potential accuracy of earth station geolocation

  15. Digital map and ellipse with the target earth transmitting station

  16. Illustration of geolocation case

  17. Possibilities for geolocation

  18. Geolocation is possible when TDOA andFDOAlines intersect

  19. Geolocation is impossible when TDOA andFDOAlines do not intersect

  20. Conditions necessary for geolocation • Required: • angular distance < 10° (С band) and < 8° (Kuband); • intersecting service arias (оnuplink); • the same uplink frequency; • the same polarization; • downlink footprint shall cover receiving station; • known reference station. • Recommended: • precise ephemerides (more accurate thanNorad TLE); • minimum 3 reference transmitting stations; • usage of the best time for measurements. 

  21. Mobile radio monitoring stations operating in the frequency range from 3 GHz to 40 GHz are used for detection of interference sources.

  22. Footprints of which have national administration communicationto measure the radiation of space stations

  23. Thank you for attention Contact details: Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies Pr. Peremogy, 15 km 03179 Kyiv Ukraine Fax: +38 044 422 81 81 E-mail: centre@ucrf.gov.ua

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