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Tourist guide

Tourist guide

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Tourist guide

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  1. Tourist guide South Bohemia

  2. VuThiPhuongDung, 4.E Šumava Discovercharmingsecretsofthe Šumava Mountains in thesouthofthe Czech Republic. The country is so blessedwithdramaticlandscapeofextensive green forests, tinyponds and clearlakes, whichglitter in the sun. Besure to visit theNational Park of Šumava whereyoucan taste theatmosphereofwilderness. A combinationofundamagedforests and protectedanimalsisanexcitingexperiencefornaturelovers. ThesmallLipno nad Vltavou town has become a magnet forholiday-makers. You and yourfamilyorfriendscantrydifferentactivities such as goingswimming, in-line skating and cycling in summerorskiing in winter.Moreover, youcantry plenty ofwatersportsthere. Just enjoythetimedoingsports! Don’tforget to visit the Lipno dam constructionwithitselaboratemachinery. Havefun and takephotosofthebeautyofthe Šumava Mountains. But thereis much more to discover, so don’thesitate to come!

  3. Oneofthe Šumava glaciallakes A sign welcomingtourists oftheNational Park of Šumava Lipno Dam Sports in Lipno nad Vltavou

  4. Markéta Chourová, 4.E Rudolfov Visit Rudolfov, a south-bohemian town of rich history and beautiful surroundings near ČeskéBudějovice. Discover local medieval silver mines and all their charming secrets. Have a walk and relax in beautiful forests near Rudolfov. Its unique summer corn maze has become a magnet for tourists. Take your children or friends and have fun there. Don’t forget to take a picture of the town dominant- the ancient church. Walk in and taste its historical atmosphere. Be sure to sample local beers in plenty of local pubs. Rudolfov is a town of history and it’s ready to put down the welcome mat. Formore information visit ourwebsite:

  5. SummerCorn Maze TheAncientChurch JarvalPond

  6. Lucie Rehanzlová, 4.E The Novohradské Mountains The Novohradské Mountains are located in theSouthofthe Czech Republic. There are lotsofinterestingplaces. Come and discovertheircharmingsecrets. Theunspoiltcountrysideis a realmagnet forholiday-makers. It’sgreat to comealong and taste the natural atmosphere, whichisbreathtaking. Nové Hrady, thetown on itsfoothills, is a great place! Besure to sample localwines and delicacies. Enjoythelocalspaordiscoversomeofitsarchitecturaltreasures. Go on excursionof “Terčino údolí”, the place whichis so blessedwithdramaticlandscape, forests, streams and waterfalls. Make sureyoutakesomepicturesofCuknštejnFortress. But thereis much more to discover, not onlythebeautiesofthecountryside. Youcan do many sport activities as wellor just take a walk and relax.

  7. Thecountrysideof the Novohradské Mountains Thewaterfall in „TerčinoValley“ TheCuknštejnFortress Thelocalspa in „Terčinovalley“

  8. Tomáš Rada, 4.E Ševětín Welcome to the lovely Town of Ševětín. Discover mysterious secrets of the local church and charming sceneries of its lovely surroundings . Be impressed by this charming countryside of ponds, green fields and forests. Explore the dramatic history of Celtic culture which is witnessed by cairns old more than 800 years. Ševětín is also the home of the great folk group "Blaťáci" which is known as one of the best in this region. Be sure to visit one of their concerts. People in this town are very friendly and are ready to put down the welcome mat for every visitor. Ševětín has undoubtedly become a magnet for holiday-makers.

  9. Surroundingsof Ševětín Vicaragenear Ševětín’schurch Newlyreconstructed square

  10. Barbora Voleníková, 4.E Třeboň Třeboň is a town of fishery and unique ponds. Be sure to try some specialities made of carp or other typical South Bohemian fish and take a picture of the largest pond in the Czech Republic called ‘‘Rožmberk‘‘. But there‘s much more to discover. You can relax in a great spa or take part in interesting events and buy craft works at the market in the square. Třeboň is also a magnet for cyclists. Go for a ride in Třeboň surroundings, there are lovely cycling paths. Don’t forget to visit the beautiful castle and discover its architectural treasures and charming secrets. Come and have a coffee in thesplendid historical town centre and enjoy the combination of a lovely scenery, amazing atmosphere and tasty food.

  11. Rožmberk Pond A carp Thecastle Třeboň Square A cyclingpath

  12. Alžběta Michlová, 4.E Holašovice It is surely one of the most charming villages in the Czech Republic. It is packed with nearly 120 Baroque and Renaissance farmhouses. Have a walk round the square and take impressive photos of the examples of such unique architecture. Do not miss to visit a small chapel in the village square and admire the breathtaking paintings inside. But there is much more to discover. The picturesque Village of Holašovice is surrounded by beautiful forests, so have a walk there and pick up various mushrooms and berries. Enjoy the view of the peaceful surrounding countryside with colourfulpatches of fields and meadows. Be sure not to miss the opportunity to visit this stunning village that you can find on the UNESCO world list.

  13. Baroque and Renaissancefarmhouses Thesmallchapel Beautifulforestssurrounding Holašovice

  14. V. Trníková České Budějovice ČeskéBudějovice is a city of beer, of cycling and history. Join a splendid city tour which takes you round the square with its unique area of 100x 100 m .Discover some of its treasures and mystic secrets. The slim Black Tower, the Baroque Fountain with Samson’s statue and thenoticeabletownhall. Sample Budwaiser Beer and typical South-Bohemian cuisine in Masnékrámy-a reconstructed historical pub. Take a photo of the ancient church, monastery and far more charming sights which the city is packed with. ČeskéBudějovice is an exciting experience for food and beer lovers. Be sure to sample beers which are brewed locally and pastry ,,zelňáky‘’ made of sauercraut. But there is much more to discover, especially beyond the ancient city walls- the wonderful city surroundings... Be sure to enjoy your stay at this peaceful and calm place! You will return again!

  15. Masnékrámy- a Renaissance building TheTownHall The Black Tower

  16. Tomáš Smrčka, 4.E Hluboká nad Vltavou Discover charming secrets of Hlubokánad Vltavou, a small town in the South of the Czech Republic. Be amazed visiting a nice church, just in the lovely town square, with an incredible altar inside. Be sure to take photos of a famous romantic castle surrounded by amazing gardens. It is a real paradise for photoraphers. Hluboká has become a magnet for all holiday–makers as there is plenty to do. Drop in thepopular sport centre and try many sport activities. Enjoy beautiful town surroundings when playing golf or just going for a ride on your bike. Have a rest in one of many tiny cafés and restaurants or in the ZOOwatching variousanimal species. You can find there a combination of lovely people and a friendly atmosphere you can almost taste. But there is much more to discover so do not hesitate to come.

  17. The romantic castle Thewinecellar The golf course

  18. Anna Kurzová, 4.E Český Krumlov Welcome to ČeskýKrumlov, a city of Renaissance. Discover the charming secrets of its unique winding lanes. ČeskýKrumlov is a town of culture and art. Be sure to enjoy unusual experiences. It isn't large in size, but you can taste the atmosphere of ancient times. Join the city sightseeing tour which takes you in the historical part of the city to discover some of its architectural treasures. Take pictures of Krumlov Castle, the castle tower and its ornamental gardens, the unique baroque theatre, theGothiccathedral of St. Víthus or the Synagogue. Have fun in thelocalWax Museum.Take a photo of yourself with many famous personalities. Its numerous cultural events have become a magnet for holiday-makers. The International Music Festival, the Festival of Early Music, exhibitions in the EgonSchiele Art Centre and the Festivalof Roses held in June have become world-famous. Enjoy the view of the downtown from the boat when sailing down the River Vltava. Have fun when overcoming weirs, which is really an exciting experience for all paddlers! Be sure to enjoy the walk round ČeskýKrumlov. ČeskýKrumlov is simply a town of fun and joy.

  19. Thehistorical centre

  20. Lukáš Mičan, 4.E Lipno nad Vltavou Discover the charming secrets of Lipno nadVltavou - join the town sightseeing tour which takes youround thesurroundings of the city. Feel the amazing atmosphere you can almost taste and discover the dramatic landscape of Lipno Dam, nearby hills, green fields and forests. Be sure to enjoy skiing in the nearby skiresort in winter or swimming and windsurfing inLipno Lake. Have a relax on the great sandy beach in summer. There are many trails and cycling routes, so come and enjoy an exciting experience of visitingsuch natural monuments, as Medvědí Mountain or ČertovaStěna. You can spend a night in some of many hotels or in a tent in one of many camps next to Lipno Dam. The Town of Lipno is a great place for your holiday. It’s a combination of lovely people, lovely sceneries and so many opportunitiesto have fun.It is a real magnet for all holiday-makers.

  21. Medvědí Mountain Čertova Wall Lipno nad Vltavou

  22. Eliška Daňková _ Trhové Sviny Come and spend your holiday or a weekend in this hidden, beautiful town in South Bohemia! There is a lot to do. Go hiking in the surrounding hills, have a walk in local woods, have a picnic in green parks or go fishing in the near ponds packed with corps. Come and discover local caffés, mysterious lanes, the historical centre with its ancient fountain or buy gifts in small shops with local delicates. Be sure to enjoy eating smoked meat – a local delicacy. Enjoy its peacefulness, meeting lovely local people, lovely sceneries and friendly atmosphere. Do not hesitate to discover all the charming secrets of this small town.

  23. TheTownHall and thefountain Thebirdviewof Trhové Sviny Thelocalswimming pool Thecoat-of-armsof Trhové Sviny

  24. Alžběta Michlová, 4.E Písek Písek is a town of art and architecture which was founded by King PřemyslOtakar II in the 13th century. Discover the charming secrets of ancient buildings in itswonderful historical centre. Come and walk round the newly reconstructed gallery called Sladovna or just sit and have a delicious coffee in the café. When you are walking round the city you can almost taste the historical atmosphere. Be sure not to miss a walk along the oldest sandstone bridge across the River of Otava. In summer you can also take a picture of sandstatues on the exhibition in the close neighbourhood of it. This amazing town is also the home of many great Czech writers and composers, for example FráňaŠrámek, FrantišekJílek or OtakarJeremiáš. Do not forget to visit Šrámek’s interesting birthplace not far from the Putim Gate. PísekFilm School which has been attended by many Czech directors, actors and actresses can become a magnet for the future film stars.

  25. Thesandstatues The Putim Gate TheGalleryof Sladovna Písek Film School The oldest sandstone bridge across the River of Otava

  26. Marin Šíma, 4.E Český Krumlov Discover carming secrets of ČeskýKrumlov, a historical city that is located in the south of the Czech Republic, in a region so blessed with dramatic landscape. Join the city sightseeing tour to find some of the city mythical treasures. Admire its eccentric, ancient architecture. The city offers you a variety of places to visit, such as St. Vithus Gothic Cathedral, Baroque Castle Theatre or the kastle itself. Walk round some local museums and galleries, do not miss to visit the UnixeEgonSchiele Museum. But it all isn‘t about the history.The River of Vltava has become a magnet for holiday-makers seeking exciting rafting experiences. Taste the atmosphere of music festivals, which are organized during the summer time. But there is much more to discover.So come and visit ČeskýKrumlov as soon as you can. Be sure to enjoy your stay there.

  27. St. Vithus Gothic Cathedral Revolving theatre Thebirdviewof Český Krumlov