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iPhone Tourist-Guide Application PowerPoint Presentation
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iPhone Tourist-Guide Application

iPhone Tourist-Guide Application

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iPhone Tourist-Guide Application

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  1. iPhone Tourist-Guide Application

    Team 1 Executive Presentation ElhamAzizi Karen Cui Wenya Xia Spring 2010
  2. Product Introduction iPhone Tourist-Guide Application: Sponsored by MOTT (Mass. Office of Travel and Tourism) Provide individual travel guidance to visitors Handy tourist information that is searchable, portable and easily personalized Interactive itinerary planning Run on iPhone
  3. Product Features Location-awareness Technology Interactive map pinpoints the nearby places of interest (Dining, shopping, entertainment, and accommodation) Find attractions along with prices and direction
  4. Example: Nearest Dining Places Option Image from:; edited
  5. Product Features ctd. Image Recognition Technology Recognize images of famous attractions taken by iPhone camera Provide information and tour guiding Image from
  6. Project Goal The primary project goal is to develop a fault-free iPhone Tourist-Guide application which meets the requirement and specification agreed by all stakeholders Also, to deliver the product to MOTT on time and within budget
  7. Stakeholders Sponsor (MOTT) Management Team Development Team End Users
  8. Deliverables
  9. Project Schedule – Top level WBS
  10. External Milestones
  11. Staffing Plan Employees: Contractors:
  12. Labor Resource Statistics
  13. Total Effort Statistics Man days Resource Usage Man Days Per Month
  14. Risk Evaluation and Management Different expectations between MOTT and Project Team causes project delays and unclear project direction Communicate at the beginning between stakeholders and project manager frequently. Define specific requirements definition and get approval before starting. Report to stakeholders periodically to make sure the right expectations. New Technologies don’t live up to expectations Research relevant companies who provide required software and hardware (e.g. image recognition, iPhone GPS, Database Server) Test required software and hardware as soon as project is approved, and select the best fit products
  15. Risk Evaluation and Management New Technologies above require staff training Make an agreement with the supplier that a trainer will be sent Cross training between team members. Inadequately experiences staff are assigned to the project late causing schedule slippage Assign experienced staff direct junior staff on the work Make group meeting everyday to discuss and follow the schedule Operational problems in connecting hardware and software Test hardware and software separately at the first beginning Test basic connections after each developing phase
  16. Relative Risk Exposure Analysis
  17. Estimation of Cost and Schedule Schedule: Initial Schedule Estimate from WBS: 251 business days Contingency time considering risks: 46 business days Schedule Estimate: 297 business days = 14 months Cost: Employees Cost: considering benefits for full-time and part-time employees: 2.5 x 5424 = 13,560 man-hr Contractors Effort: 352 man-hr Total Cost Estimate: 13,912 man-hr
  18. Conclusion iPhone Tourist-Guide Application provides useful and convenient guidance to any travelers Three prototypes throughout the development phase Technology Prototype (in 6 months) Market Test Prototype (in 9 months) Statewide Prototype (in 12 months) The project will be done in 14 months with documentations and acceptance tests Staffing includes: 10 regular employees (part time + full time) 2 contractors Total Budget estimated is 13,912 man-hr