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“Homeless Bird” PowerPoint Presentation
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“Homeless Bird”

“Homeless Bird”

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“Homeless Bird”

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  1. “Homeless Bird” By Rahin Dharani Grade 4 Feb. 20, 2013 culture

  2. Summary This is a story revolving around a miserable girl named Koly. Her marriage was fixed with a boy named hari. He died because the serious illness. Then Koly was forced to live a life of a widow. Everyday she worked like a machine , and gets a little bit to eat. Her sassur teaches her reading and writing and was humble to her but sass was always busy scolding her for chores. Chandra , her sister-in-law was very good friend of her but after her marriage she totally became alone and sassur died . So she planed to run away and she even lost her widows pension . one day her cunning sass told her that they both will go to stay at her brothers house , but she left Koly in virndavan and ran away. After few weeks Koly got a room in maas kamala's widow house . Mrs. Devi helped her getting a job of her embroidery in one sari shop . Tanu her room mate became her very good friend . she was happy to have friends and a job . she taught raji reading she loved to spend time with raji. At last raji purposed her to be his wife . She was very surprised hearing this and worried as well . but in the end she agreed to marry him and go to his village to live . she was very happy imagining her new life with raji and finally a “home less bird” returned to a home of his own.

  3. claim India has so much traditional things and values.

  4. Evidence When a girl marries. The girl leaves her family and goes to live with her husband and his family .Like Koly she went to live with Hari and his family.

  5. Evidence There are so much traditional food in India . Like pilow , romalyi roti ,dosa and so much other food. The festival in “Homeless Bird” there also so much food like Ginger , chocolate cake etc.

  6. Evidence There were many decorations in the wedding in the wedding of Koly the Woman put on Menhdi .They put it in festivals , marriages and special events. But mostly they put it in marriages.

  7. Evidence Hindus go to the temples. They pray to their god. Which is Krishna. Like Koly she did her prayers.

  8. Conclusion I thought it would be easy but it turned out to be a slightly hard but I did it . The story was so sad than in the end it became a happy story .

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