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Digital Communication

Digital Communication

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Digital Communication

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  1. Digital Communication Faculty MeetingSpring 2013

  2. Welcome Reggie Leathers Division Chair of Digital Communication Digital Gaming & Simulation Film/Video and Special Effects

  3. INTRODUCTIONS Reginald Leathers & Introduction of faculty

  4. Meeting Agenda Please take notes….and Please hold all questions until the end of the meeting Link to external files

  5. Faculty Contact Information • Faculty Contact Information ListEmail Phone numbers changes to the department secretary • Helpful Information HCC Email - Please read your HCC email daily Forgot you password?Please Call the Help Desk @ 713 - 718 - 8800 • Please do not wait till class starts to log on to the computer. If you can not log on the office can not help you — call 713 - 718 - 8800.

  6. HCC Email • HCC Email -HCC Webmail Website -Help Desk 713-718-8800 (7am- 7pm) -Digicom Office Can’t Assist With Any Webmail Issues

  7. Building Information • HCC Faculty Mail Boxes • West Loop Campus- UpstairsIf you teach at another campus, please locate your mailbox at that campus • Parking Permitgo to At You Service and fill out application for parking permit - Current sticker! • The HCC Police Department will provide a safety escort on request to all students, faculty, or staff. Escorts may be scheduled by contacting the security worker assigned to each campus, or by calling (713) 718- 8888.

  8. Safety & Security • Please follow all directions during fire drills • Campus police are to be contacted if there are any disturbances. Do not argue with students — call campus police @ 713 - 718 - 7875 orthe front desk @ 713 - 718 - 7921 • First Aid/ Accidents/ Emergencies/Injuries — Call the front desk @ 713 - 718 - 7921

  9. Equipment & Property Use • Computer Use, Software, and Passwords:All instructors, staff, and students must log on with their own HCC ID (Password is the same as HCC email. Please note, any problems you must call the IT Help Desk @ 713-718-8800) • Operation and Maintenance — Any problems with equipment please email Reggie Leathers and/or Celeste Wheatley about computer, software, or equipment problems, and Include computer #. Please do not contact the TICS directly unless – (1) It is an emergency or (2) after office hours. Call the TICS @ 713 - 718 - 7867 (There is a phone in every classroom) • No cameras, video equipment, computers, or printers, or other HCC equipment may be taken off campus.

  10. 2 - Equipment & Property Use • Special Note: Instructors please be considerate and respectful to other instructors who teach after you; return all computers, printers,and equipment to there default settings.

  11. Web Space Students need to get there own web space(we are no longer hosting web for students) (free hosting)

  12. More Information • Log on for all Macs, students and facultyDo not save anything on the desktops, it will disappear when you log off. (Students and faculty must be active in the system to use all computers. Do Not sign on for anyone but yourself.) • Where to get information you will need for Curriculum?

  13. New Department Policy New Department Policy – If a student is tardy, mark the student ‘tardy’ 1. Make sure your syllabus states what a ‘tardy’ is, and how many tardies equal an absent. Three tardies = One absent2. A student is tardy if he/she is 15 minutes late. 2. Do not close and lock students out of the classroom. 3. Do not mark students ‘absent’ if they are only ‘tardy.’4. Fill out a department‘Early Warning’ for three tardies and submit to office – Not the one online!

  14. Steps to Higher Retention Rate Four Steps to Increase Retention Rate1. Practiced clear, direct, and respectful communication between instructor and student. a. In the classroom — Questions…answer questions in turn b. Be clear what you expect from your students c. Put your course expectations in your syllabus d. Must give student grades within two weeks 2. Communicate with your students through weekly feedback, reports, and grades, including Eagle online and emails. The # 1 Complaint we get from students is: “the instructor does not call me back or answer the emails”

  15. Steps to Higher Retention Rate - 2 Early means EARLY… Warning Alert — Not mid semester!3. Use the online Early Alert form, AND use the Department Early Alert Student Advising Form. (First time a student gets a bad grade)4. Adhere to the HCC Class Attendance Policy — Please be on time and expect your students to be on time. 5. NO locking the student out of the room if they are not on time – mark the student late. If the student is tardy more than twice – give the student an early alert.

  16. Syllabus ~ Special Notes ADA Statement, Accommodation Letters (Special Note-Reggie) Student Profile Sheet Official School Calendars, Regular Term, Second Start, and 8 weeks Official School Exam Schedule (all classes must meet at least once the last week of school — May 6th thru May 12th - 2013)

  17. Essentials ~ New Syllabus Format Your syllabus is a legal agreement between you and your students and HCC. Curriculum - Syllabus – Curricunet

  18. 12 Day Rolls Must be entered on time

  19. Essentials ~ Eagle Online Fall 2012 Eagle online (Eagle Online - is the web component of your job.)Sorry the DigiCom office cannot help with DE or Eagle Online problems.Please call the Help Desk @ 8-8800

  20. Withdrawal Policy Assign the final grade of “FX” to students who stop attending class… More information, please read ALL of the file online

  21. Faculty Absences & Attendance • Call in Sick — all classes must have a substitute by order of SW President Garza. Call the office and email, as early as possible.(This is another reason your syllabus must be online.) • Tardiness — call the office if you are going to be late. • Expected Work Hours (two and four hour classes) Do not change the hours of the class time, or location. • Inclement Weather — In the event severe weather conditions go to the main HCC web page and call the office 713 - 718 - 7895

  22. Professionalism • Appropriate Dress • Confidentiality “Student Privacy Act”— FERPASpecial Note: About Parents • Teacher’s Pet — Please no favoritism, grade and treat everyone equally And…… If you have an issue with department policy – speak to Reggie, NOT to the department secretary, or anyone else in the office.

  23. The End