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  1. INTERCHANGE Technical Capabilities Overview

  2. INTRODUCTION TO RAMP SYSTEMS INC. • Privately held and founded in January 2006 by Brian Mozhdehi with Corporate HQ in Philadelphia, PA., Ramp Systems was created to deliver integration software, services, and technology solutions to the 3PL and transportation industry. • Ramp Systems is a Enterprise Software and Services company dedicated to providing complete eCommerce, Application Integration software, and solutions to focused industries with technical and process capabilities specifically designed for the logistics industry. • Rapid growth and widespread technology adoption has resulted in over 200 customers in 8 countries using RAMP technology and services each day.

  3. CUSTOMERS AND TESTIMONIALS • Ramp Systems serves over 200 customers in 8 countries “As our business has grown so have our demands placed on our technological capabilities. Ramp Systems has been able to provide our organization with an extremely robust, state-of-the-art solution that has allowed us to better manage the translation and flow of data to and from our clients. Our experience with Ramp Systems has been exceptional, and I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking for cutting edge business integration software.” - John Tighe, Tighe Distribution

  4. RAMP SYSTEMS INTERCHANGE TECHNICAL COMPONENTS • X12 EDI and all subsets (UCS, VICS) • UN/EDIFACT • XML (RosettaNet, Biztalk, Custom) • Customer and application specific files (Excel, Flat Files) • Complete SQL/Database Integration Supported Business Documents: • X12 EDI and all subsets (UCS, VICS) • EDIINT, (AS1, AS2, AS3) • FTP • HTTP • SMTP/POP3 • RosettaNet • ODBC/JDBC • VAN (Value Added Network) • Application Adapters Supported Transport Methods: • Flexible Framework • Easy Configuration • Rapid Deployment • Platform Independence System Architecture:

  5. RAMP SYSTEMS INTERCHANGE CLIENT • Highly configurable under a single interface, easy to use mapping functions including table lookups and data element processing. • Simplified suite of map parameters, as compared to other solutions, enables significantly faster deployment and more reliable mapping.

  6. TECHNICAL FEATURES AT A GLANCE • Visual design tools enable rapid development and deployment of data driven objects easily linked into virtually any desired process flow. • Highly configurable, easy to use “any to any” translation and processing support for X12 EDI and all subsets, XML, Flat File and Database Messages. • Pre-built interfaces to commonly used WMS, TMS, and other popular systems.

  7. TECHNICAL FEATURES AT A GLANCE • Complete suite of fully configurable document communication capabilities including AS1, AS2, FTP, SMTP, POP3, HTTP, etc. • Full support for integration to any database using JDBC and/or ODBC • Advanced business document routing and processing capabilities. • Security manager allows configurable user and right management, enabling greater security and system control.

  8. TECHNICAL FEATURES AT A GLANCE • Business document tracking and management. • Processing notifications and alerts. • Fully functional web based administration in addition to optional installed client. • Business document delivery is guaranteed and automated via proprietary architecture.

  9. VALUE PROPOSITION AND ROI • Increased performance and reliability. • Better service and functionality for customers. • Significantly reduced time spent resolving issues. • Faster, easier, and more intuitive implementation of business requirements. • Significantly lower ongoing consulting costs. • Enhanced visibility of eCommerce transactions, tracing, and reporting.

  10. RAMP SYSTEMS PARTNERS • RAMP Systems partners with premier WMS and TMS software vendors. We also interface to other systems including Provia and Exceed (Infor Products), TWM Suite and TruckMate, (TMW Products) and many other systems.

  11. THANK YOU Brian Mozhdehi CEO & Founder RAMP Systems, Inc. (215) 854 – 6325