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WELCOME New Students

WELCOME New Students

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WELCOME New Students

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  1. WELCOMENew Students This will help orient you to the BYU COMPREHENSIVE CLINIC

  2. What Is the Comprehensive Clinic? The BYU Comprehensive Clinic is an educational support unit located in the John Taylor Building (TLRB). The Clinic assists individual departments in providing a variety of mental health services including counseling and assessments to anyone in the community that meet certain criteria. These services are provided by graduate students majoring in Marriage and Family Therapy, Clinical Psychology, and Social Work. Additionally the Clinic houses the department of Communication Disorders and the local office of LDS Family Services.

  3. Clinic Structure Social Work Marriage and Family Therapy Clinical Psychology Comprehensive Clinic Administration LDS Family Services Communications Disorders

  4. General Information Clinic Hours Fall / WinterSpring / Summer Monday:8 - 7 p.m.8 - 5 pm Tuesday:8 - 10 pm8 - 9 pm Wednesday:8 - 10 pm8 - 9 pm Thursday:8 - 10 pm8 - 9 pm Friday:8 - 5 pm8 - 5 pm Saturday:8 - 5 pm [Building Open - No Services Available] CLOSED MAJOR HOLIDAYS Parking Parking is limited however… • Graduate students can park in any “G” or “Y” stall. There are approximately 25 “G” stalls located to the Southeast of the building. • In addition, there is G parking to the west; in the Law School parking lot.

  5. Clinic Support The Comprehensive Clinic provides the following to help you through graduate school… • Computer Support • Copying and Faxing • Materials Storage and Checkout • Therapy Facilitation • Carrels and Lockers

  6. Computer Support Computer Support oversees 2 graduate student computer labs. The large lab is located in room 176 and is staffed by an assistant M-F from 8-5 pm. The small lab is in room 172. Printing is available. However, copies cost .05/page utilizing your signature card. In order to access the buildings computer network, you’ll need to setup a Clinic computer account with the computer support staff in room 170. You’ll be required to use your Route Y ID and password.

  7. Copying & Faxing The Clinic has a copier and fax machine available for your use. They are located in room 243. The copier requires an access code to operate. To obtain your code, contact the part-time secretary in 241. There is a charge of .04/page. We bill your department and you’ll be required to reimburse your department. Local faxes are .25/page. Long distances faxes are .50/page and payment is due at the time of faxing. Contact the Clinic secretary in room 241 for help with faxing.

  8. Materials Room • The Materials Room, located in 155 TLRB stores case files, course readings, testing materials, books, toys and other items needed to do therapy. • You are able to check these items out for a specified period of time • Case files = End of day • Testing materials for 2 weeks • Course readings = 2 hours • Books = 2 weeks • Toys = 2 weeks • Each item is owned by individual departments. As a result, you can only check out things owned by your department. The only exception are toys, which are available to anyone.

  9. Therapy Facilitation The Clinic is a major support to graduate students while doing therapy. The Clinic does the following: • Conducts Intakes • Takes Phone Messages • Offers Software to Schedule Rooms/Video Taping/Paperwork • Trains on Case Management Procedures • Audits all Cases

  10. Customized Software CIP is a web-based application where you can access your phone messages, log onto Scheduler, view announcements, a Clinic-wide directory, and receive messages from your peers. Scheduler is another web-based program whereby you can schedule rooms, video taping, and client paperwork.

  11. Carrels/Lockers There are 8 carrels in the study room available for checkout. However, they are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. If none are available, you can put your name on a waiting list. Please see the Clinic part-time secretary if you are interested.  Lockers are available on a semester or annual basis. Lockers are located on the first floor near the elevator. You can sign up for lockers in the Sam F Brewster building in the Key Office, 285 BRWB.  The cost is $5.00 per semester.