at t a company committed to offering the best technology and customer service of the 21 st century n.
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Derrick Faust, Corrin Harker, Joy Singelton, Daniel Demetrio PowerPoint Presentation
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Derrick Faust, Corrin Harker, Joy Singelton, Daniel Demetrio

Derrick Faust, Corrin Harker, Joy Singelton, Daniel Demetrio

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Derrick Faust, Corrin Harker, Joy Singelton, Daniel Demetrio

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  1. AT&T a Company Committed to Offering the Best Technology and Customer Service of the 21st Century Derrick Faust, Corrin Harker, Joy Singelton, Daniel Demetrio

  2. AT&T The Company • Telecommunications Company • Prides themselves on offering the best service and products in the industry • Incurred steady financial profits throughout the years • A leader in the telecommunications industry

  3. AT&T Campaign Goals Main Goal: • Educate the public of AT&T’s stellar customer service, and technologies Secondary Goals: • To make the public aware that AT&T recognizes past mistakes, concerning services, products, and customer service, but inform them they will not be repeated. • Raise sales based on the information delivered to the public

  4. Objectives • To gain new clients. • Strengthen Brand Loyalty • Strengthen customer relations • Offer customers fast and easy research about all the company has to offer. • Make sure potential customers feel free to call or email with questions/concerns. • Make sure customers know that there questions based on the information provided in the campaign will be welcomed and there will not be a repeat of the negative customer service

  5. Stratagies and Tactis • Clear concise website that will be updated monthly to illustrate new services, products, and information about the company • Press releases addressing the past mistakes, and the improvements made to previous problems; new products/technologies; new services; and the company as a whole • In person communication through In-store promotional tables • Interactive media sites like Face book allowing an open conversation between AT&T and the public to ensure the public has a voice and will be heard

  6. Themes and Messages Theme: • The theme will correlate with the slogan already has; RE-Think the impossible. Through PR strategies the theme will embody this but add to it stating with AT&T technology and services anything is possible. Messages: • AT&T is committed to innovative technologies • Committed to providing the best customer service available • Customers come first and can be confident to place their trust and business in AT&T

  7. Logistics • The logistics section consists of staffing and the budget. The budget is broken down into subcategories (Personnel costs, Program and production costs and administrative costs). • Staffing: • External PR strategies are carried out via PR Agencies. • Internal PR strategies via AT&T’s PR Dept. • Distribution of additional assignment will go to the Marketing and Human Resources Depts.

  8. Logistics Contd’ • Additionally: • Implementation of outsourcing for freelancers and/or contractors for duties such as, video production, graphic design, photography and writing. • Hired personnel will be responsible for additional writing, research, news releases, publicity materials, planning of events, producing and designing publications, planning news conferences, etc.

  9. Budget • Volunteering: • SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) • They are retired and have more time to put in work hours • Categorized Budget items: • Personal Costs -Freelancers paid hourly $250 -$300. SCORE used for checking in guests. • Program and Production - Costs of $175,000.00 and SCORE volunteers • Administrative Costs -$2,000,000.00.

  10. Evaluation Process • Conduct ongoing evaluations of the effectiveness of the campaign through: • Surveys • Interviews • Focus Groups • Monitoring social networks • Media coverage • Website hits • New Client progress reports