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Question 1:. STRIKES. Answer:. Question 2:. STRIKES. Answer:. Question 2:. STRIKES. X. Answer:. Question 3:. STRIKES. Answer:. Question 3:. STRIKES. X. Answer:. Question 3:. STRIKES. XX. Answer:. Question 4:. STRIKES. Answer:. Question 4:. STRIKES. X. Answer:.

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Question 1: STRIKES Answer:

  2. Question 2: STRIKES Answer:

  3. Question 2: STRIKES X Answer:

  4. Question 3: STRIKES Answer:

  5. Question 3: STRIKES X Answer:

  6. Question 3: STRIKES XX Answer:

  7. Question 4: STRIKES Answer:

  8. Question 4: STRIKES X Answer:

  9. Question 4: STRIKES XX Answer:

  10. Question 5: STRIKES Answer:

  11. Question 5: STRIKES X Answer:

  12. Question 5: STRIKES XX Answer:

  13. Question 6: STRIKES Answer:

  14. Question 6: STRIKES X Answer:

  15. Question 6: STRIKES XX Answer:

  16. Question 7: STRIKES Answer:

  17. Question 7: STRIKES X Answer:

  18. Question 7: STRIKES XX Answer:

  19. Question 8: STRIKES Answer:

  20. answers Question:

  21. answers answers Question: Question:

  22. Question 8: STRIKES X Answer:

  23. Question 8: STRIKES XX Answer:

  24. Question 9: STRIKES Answer:

  25. Question 9: STRIKES X Answer:

  26. Question 9: STRIKES XX Answer:

  27. Question 10: STRIKES Answer:

  28. Question 10: STRIKES X Answer:

  29. Question 10: STRIKES XX Answer:

  30. Question 11: STRIKES Answer:

  31. Question 11: STRIKES X Answer:

  32. Question 11: STRIKES XX Answer:

  33. Question 12: STRIKES Answer:

  34. Question 12: STRIKES X Answer:

  35. Question 12: STRIKES XX Answer:

  36. Get out of my cab! SCORE STRIKES $ 0 XXX

  37. Video Bonus Question You will be given one question about the following video clip. If you get it right you double your extra credit points. If you get it wrong you lose everything! What do you say………..do you want to play?

  38. Video Bonus Question Question:

  39. Video Bonus Question Answer:

  40. INSTRUCTIONS Enter questions and answers for questions 1-12. You will have to copy/paste for each of numbered questions. Click once to display correct answer. If they get the question right, click green button, red if they get it wrong. Number of strikes will appear. If they get 8 right in a row, they will have a red light challenge question. If they make it all the way through 12 questions without 3 strikes, they can risk all of their extra credit on a video bonus question (double or nothing). Right answer Wrong answer

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