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ALCOHOL 101. Parenting to Prevent Underage Drinking Ellen Snelling MS Tampa Alcohol Coalition. ALCOHOL. Alcohol is a drug Alcohol is the #1 drug of choice for children and adolescents

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  1. ALCOHOL 101 Parenting to Prevent Underage Drinking Ellen Snelling MS Tampa Alcohol Coalition

  2. ALCOHOL • Alcohol is a drug • Alcohol is the #1 drug of choice for children and adolescents • Persons who first drank before the age of 15 are 5 times more likely to report dependence or abuse than those who first drank at 21 or older




  6. ALCOHOL AT HOME • 2 out of 3 teens said it is easy to get alcohol in their homes • Nearly 1 in 4 teens were given alcohol by their parents • 25% of parents allowed their kids to drink with “supervision” • 27% of teens said they attended a drinking party with parents present source: AMA nationwide poll, 2005

  7. SOURCES OF ALCOHOLFOR TEENS • Adults over age 21 are the main source • Youth under age 21 • Parties • Bars, grocery stores, convenience stores and liquor stores • Fake IDs

  8. IS IT OK TO LET TEENS DRINK AT HOME? • NO! • It is illegal- parents can be arrested • It is condoning underage drinking • Too much alcohol can lead to alcohol poisoning • Teen’s brains are still developing and alcohol can have a toxic effect

  9. UNDERAGE DRINKING • Affects school performance • Increases risk of depression • May cause brain damage • Associated with unprotected sex • Impaired driving crashes are a major cause of death for teens

  10. BINGE DRINKING Increased Risks: • Assault • Rape • Alcohol poisoning • Car crashes • Drowning • Suicide • Injuries and falls

  11. HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY ALCOHOL FACTS • 45% of high school students drink • 23% binge drink • 25% of middle school students drink • 8% binge drink • 19% of high school students went to school high or drunk Source: Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey 2004

  12. HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY IMPAIRED DRIVING FACTS • 7,135 DUI arrests in 2005 • 482 DUI arrests in 18 to 20 year olds • Impaired 18 to 20 year old drivers caused 12.8% of the alcohol-related crashes in 2003- but this age group made up only 4.6% of licensed drivers • 59 alcohol-related fatalities in 2005 Source: HCSO and Florida DHSMV

  13. DRINKING LAWS • Minimum drinking age is 21 • Purchase and possession under age 21 is illegal, fine up to $500 and 60 days in jail • DUI- BAC .08- Possible jail time, DUI Counterattack class, fines, court fees, lose license, high risk insurance • Zero Tolerance: driver under age 21 with .02 BAC- 6 month Driver’s License suspension

  14. MORE DRINKING LAWS • Open container in car • Open container in street or park • Providing alcohol to youth under 21 • Selling alcohol to minor • Open house party • Intoxicated and disorderly • Fake ID ALL ILLEGAL!

  15. FAMILY • 1 in 4 children are exposed to family alcoholism or alcohol abuse at home • Children of alcoholics are at higher risk of developing alcohol abuse • Children are less likely to drink if they are bonded to parents • Adolescents have fewer alcohol-related problems when parents provide supervision and discipline

  16. WHAT CAN A PARENT DO? • Open communication • Show you care • Offer praise for good behavior • Set clear rules and curfews • Set a NO alcohol or drug use policy • Establish consequences and enforce them • Be a good role model • Inventory and secure alcoholic beverages

  17. ALCOHOL FREE PARTIES • Set ground rules • Don’t allow uninvited guests • Plan fun activities • If a guest brings alcohol- make him/ her leave • Serve plenty of snacks and non-alcoholic drinks • Be visible and available

  18. ALCOHOL FREE KIDS Encourage Activities: • Sports and recreational activities • Church activities • Club participation • Employment • School attendance and good grades • Volunteering

  19. RESISTANCE SKILLS Teach your child: • How to say no to alcohol • Refuse to ride with an impaired driver • To stay away from people and places that expose them to alcohol • How to leave a party where alcohol and drugs are being used • To be a good influence on peers

  20. DO YOU KNOW? • Where your child is? • Is it a safe environment? • Who is she with? • Is there adequate adult supervision? • What is he is doing? • Is alcohol available? • Do you know your child’s friends and their parents?

  21. WHEN YOUR CHILD COMES HOME FROM A NIGHT OUT • Greet your child at the door • Give him a hug • Notice unusual behaviors • Is she trying to avoid eye contact? • Observe eyes- are they red, are eyelids droopy, are pupils dilated or constricted? • Detect odors (alcohol, marijuana)

  22. MY CHILD CAME HOME DRUNK- WHAT SHOULD I DO? Get medical attention for child if needed Don’t have a conversation with them until morning or when sober Determine source of the alcohol When the child is sober, say you love him and will not allow drinking Enforce appropriate consequences

  23. MY CHILD NEEDS HELP • Educate yourself about alcohol on-line: www.health.org www.tampatac.com • Call the Hillsborough County Help Line at 211 or 813-234-1234 • Get a substance abuse counselor • Referral to a treatment agency

  24. GET INVOLVED • Meet your child’s teachers • Monitor school work • Attend your child’s sports events • Attend school activities for parents • Join the PTA • Network with other parents • Join the Tampa Alcohol Coalition www.tampatac.com and the Anti Drug Alliance www.hcada.com

  25. ALCOHOL ENVIRONMENT • TV and radio alcohol ads • Sponsors of sport events • Happy hour signs • Alcohol billboards • Drinking actors in movies • Alcohol at fairs and events • Community alcohol norms • Alcohol law enforcement

  26. ENVIRONMENTAL PREVENTIONEXAMINE YOUR COMMUNITY: • Alcohol advertisements • Beer and liquor billboards • Alcohol laws and policies • Enforcement of alcohol laws • Community norms toward underage drinking • Underage access to alcohol • Drink specials- Ladies Drink Free

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