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John Adams

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John Adams

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  1. John Adams Helped write the Declaration of Independence Apart of the Continental Congress First Vice President ever Second President Father of John Quincy Adams (6th President)

  2. Dr. Joseph Warren Enlisted Paul Revere to spread the alarm Fought in Lexington & Concord Was made a Major General before the Battle of Bunker Hill Lead American troops at Breed’s Hill “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes!” Died in the Battle of Bunker Hill

  3. Samuel Adams Apart of the Continental Congress Helped create the Articles of Confederation and Massachusetts Constitution State Senator Governor of Massachusetts

  4. Thomas Jefferson Apart of the Continental Congress Wrote the Declaration of Independence First Secretary of State Second Vice President Third President Louisiana Purchase / Lewis & Clark

  5. Patrick Henry Led opposition to the Stamp Act “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!” Gave many speeches inspiring people to fight for independence. Opposed the Constitution (thought it gave the federal government too much power)

  6. Ben Franklin Author, Scientist, Inventor, Politician, Post Master Lightning Rod, Bifocals Ambassador to France Governor of Pennsylvania Freed his slaves/Abolitionist

  7. Thomas Paine Englishman turned Patriot 1774 Wrote Common Sense 1775 Deeply involved in both the American and French Revolution

  8. King George III King of Britain from 1760-1801 Longest reign of any British King or Queen up to that point His time as King was filled with War (French-Indian War, American Revolution, and the Napoleonic Wars) Determined to never acknowledge American independence.

  9. Paul Revere Silversmith Set up an intelligence system to keep watch of the British military in Boston Paul Revere’s Ride After the war he returned to a simple life as a Silversmith.

  10. Thomas Gage British General French-Indian War (Fought with George Washington) Military Governor of Montreal Military Governor of Boston In charge of British forces until October 1775, replaced by General Howe

  11. Charles Cornwallis Entered the American Revolution in 1776 Nicknamed Charlotte as a “Hornet’s Nest of Rebellion” Lost at Yorktown, thus unofficially ending the American Revolution Governor of India, then Ireland

  12. John Paul Jones Originally from Scotland Father of the U.S. Navy After disagreements with U.S. command he sailed to Europe to bring the fight to the British. Attacked British merchant ships and a few warships “I have not yet begun to fight”