a florida friendly landscape n.
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a Florida-Friendly Landscape PowerPoint Presentation
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a Florida-Friendly Landscape

a Florida-Friendly Landscape

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a Florida-Friendly Landscape

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  1. a Florida-Friendly Landscape Adopting University of Florida Fall 2009

  2. Adopting a Florida-Friendly Landscape Advantages of phased-in installation: Step-by-step process over several weeks, months, or years Minimizes landscape disturbance Less intimidating to client Spreads effort over time

  3. Adopting a Florida-Friendly Landscape Before Development Landscape

  4. Adopting a Florida-Friendly Landscape After Florida-Friendly Landscape

  5. Phase I: Step 1 Develop a Master Plan Conduct a site inventory and analysis Select plants Draw plant beds and plants

  6. Phase I: Step 1Develop a Master Plan A Lawn panel B Functional lawn areas C Paths and small buildings D Focal points E Energy efficiency F Screens and buffers G AC unit and utilities H Work and trash area I Entry J Wildlife area K Playhouse L Garden shed and compost bin M Cisterns or rain barrels

  7. Phase II: Step 2Remove sod for new hardscape and trees Remove sod for new hardscape and new plant beds for trees Correct any drainage problems Install new irrigation or re-fit existing system New mulch area for trees

  8. Phase II: Step 3Install new hardscape Porous pavers allow stormwater drainage New hardscape features

  9. Phase II: Step 4Install trees and mulch Locate to: Screen views Shade house on south, east and west sides Shade AC unit Locate (A) cisterns or rain barrels under downspouts Avoid “volcano mulching” New trees in mulch bed

  10. Phase III: Step 5Install Plant bed #1 Choose location for first bed Remove portion of sod Test soil; amend if necessary Relocate plants; add new Use microirrigation in plant beds Front yard

  11. Phase III: Step 6Install Plant bed #2 Options for placement: Plant beds 2 and 3 are optional depending on amount of sod desired Plant contiguous to bed 1 for finished look Consider mature size of trees and shade near bed 2 Side yard

  12. Phase III: Step 7Install Plant bed #3 Backyard corner chosen for final bed Check for irrigation zone compatibility Back yard

  13. Landscape Design

  14. Landscape Design

  15. Landscape Design

  16. Landscape Design

  17. Landscape Design

  18. Landscape Design Resources:

  19. Landscape Design Resources:

  20. Maintenance!

  21. Adoptinga Florida-Friendly Landscape University of Florida Credit:Dr. Gail Hansen, MS, MLA, PhD Thanks also to: Kathy Malone, M. Ed. Brian Niemann, BLA