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College Planning

College Planning

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College Planning

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  1. College Planning Central bucks high school south Class of 2014 Senior House 3rd floor Tom Hill (A-L) Michele McGroggan (M-Z) 5.30.13Part Three

  2. College Planning College Selection Applications Letters of Recommendation Scholarships What can I be doing now?

  3. Before we get started… House offices not moving, staying on 3rd floor Keystone Exams Algebra 1 and Literature posted to transcripts

  4. Top Factors for college selection What’s important to STUDENTS… Location & size of school Major Cost Likelihood of “getting in” Non-academic criteria

  5. Top Factors in the Admissions Process What’s important to the colleges… Grades/GPA Standardized Test Scores Application Essay Teacher and/or Counselor Recommendations *CBSD does not provide rank for admission purposes, but can be provided if required for scholarships.

  6. What’s important to parents?!

  7. Don’t forget to also consider: • Specialized programs • All costs • Average class size, professor : student • Undergraduate enrollment & growth • Geographic location/size of community • Distance from home • Athletics/Extracurriculars • Facilities & housing • Average financial aid award • Diversity Naviance map of where CB South students are attending

  8. Things to notice or ask when on campus • Technology integration • Statistics: Retention & transfer rates Job Placement of graduates Average time to graduation Grad school acceptance rates • Placement/Career services • General education curriculum • Advisory system • Parking & public transportation • New construction? • MOST IMPORTANTLY…..FIT!!!

  9. The college that fits you best, is one that : Offers a program of study to match your interests and needs; 2. Provides a style of instruction to match the way you like to learn; 3. Provides a level of academic rigor to match your aptitude and preparation; 4. Offers a community that feels like home 5. Values you for what you do well. 6. Fits your pocket book and your financial future.

  10. CB South and Colleges Top 10 schools by application for South this year: PSU Temple West Chester BCCC Pitt Drexel Blooms Delaware Kutztown James madison University The top schools by matriculation (according to the Graduation Survey) are: PSU BCCC Temple West Chester

  11. Types of Applications • Online • Common Application (300+ schools) • PA State System • • Hardcopy

  12. Types of Application Deadlines • Regular Decision college gives a specific deadline and starts review after that date. • Rolling Admissions colleges review applications in the order in which they were rec’d. • Early Decision I & II (ED) love the school… BINDING!! • Early Action (EA) love the school, non- binding Research ED/EA guidelines for each school

  13. How do I get a letter of recommendation? • Do you really need a recommendation? • If the answer is YES, you will complete the “Request for Counselor Recommendation” in Naviance prior to making a request. Email your counselor when complete. • Check off “Request for Counselor Recommendation” on the transcript release form.

  14. Funding Your Education CBSD Financial Aid Night : 11/18/13 @ West 7pm Complete FAFSA after January 1, 2014 Complete CSS Profile if required, Fall 2014 Determines eligibility for non-government financial aid: institution’s grants, loans, & scholarships. Fee to file. Evaluate Student Aid Report (SAR) and financial aid packages upon acceptance to institution.

  15. How to find scholarships • DO NOT pay for scholarship searches or applications. •;; NAVIANCE • Search by career field/major ~ Companies invest in areas where shortages exist, like science & math. • Parent and student employer. • Local organizations: Chamber of Commerce, service chapters, religious groups, etc.

  16. What can I be doing right now? • Naviance “Request for Counselor Recommendation survey” Resume Colleges I’m thinking about (10-20) • Research & visit schools • Develop personal statement • Revise Application Essays from English 11. • Contact teacher(s) for letter of recommendation. • Register for SAT’s and ACT’s • Work or volunteer in specific field of interest

  17. SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and ACT CB South School Code/CEEB code 394-992 Scores to SOUTH 4 FREE SCORE REPORTS E-PREP

  18. Senior Year Timeline Fall • Calendar of deadlines! • Complete applications • Request recommendations • Submit transcript request forms to 12th grade House • Arrange for SAT/ACT scores to be sent to colleges • Contact admissions reps & visit colleges • Financial Aid Night November 18 @ West 7pm • Research & apply for scholarships Spring • Submit FAFSA January 1 (Free Application of Federal Student Aid) • Request 1st MP grades be sent to schools if required; mid-year grades are automatically sent for all students • Athletes: complete NCAA Clearinghouse • Watch mail for acceptance letters & compare financial aid packages • Choose school and send housing deposit by deadline • Keep a rigorous academic schedule and maintain grades!

  19. Join us again… SEPTEMBER 12, 2014 SENIOR timeline transcript request process teacher/counselor recommendations financial aid & scholarships final decisions