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College Planning

College Planning

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College Planning

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  1. College Planning Central bucks high school south Class of 2014 Tom Hill (A-L) Michele McGroggan (M-Z) 11.29.12 Part one

  2. OVERVIEW “You can lead a boy to college, but you cannot make him think” Elbert Hubbard • CB South Guidance Website • Junior Year Timeline • Standardized Testing SAT, ACT, AP • Career & College Search Process Naviance

  3. CB South Guidance Website Guidance Homepage Postings PowerPoint presentations podcasts * updates * useful info Links to Naviance * Portal * E-Prep Resources * contact information

  4. Junior Year Timeline

  5. Standardized Testing

  6. SAT’s SAT Reasoning Test Math, Reading, & Writing Designed to predict freshman year academic success. Cost: $50.00 SAT Subject Test Some “Very Selective Colleges” may require 2 or more for admission and/or placement. *One hour tests *Can take up to 3 on one test date *Scored on a 200-800 point scale *Cost: $23+ Available Subject Tests: English: Literature History: US History World History Mathematics: Level 1 Level 2 Science: Biology E and/or M Chemistry Physics Languages:Chinese French, German, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Modern Hebrew, Japanese, Korean

  7. Fast Facts… ACT More than half of all college bound students took the ACT in 2011. The ACT is accepted by all 4-year colleges and universities in the United States. Most widely taken by students from the Midwest, Southwest, and Deep South. Taken with writing it may exempt you from the need for SAT Subject Tests. Designed to predict freshman year academic success. Cost: $35.00 w/writing $50.50

  8. SAT vs. ACT

  9. SAT vs. ACT

  10. Updated Test Security PolicySAT ACT The MAJOR CHANGES… Online registration requires student to upload a digital photo, which will be included on a photo admission ticket. Students required to present photo admission ticket and a valid form of ID for admittance to the designated test centerand at various times throughout the day. Absence of either document will preclude student from testing. Students must pre-register; standby (walk-in) testing will no longer be permitted, nor will test center changes be permitted on test day.

  11. Testing: “Official Score Report” • When registering for any standardized test, be sure to include • CB South school code 394-992 and check Parent Portal to make sure scores have been sent to South (assessment tab).

  12. Advanced Placement (AP) Testing Why take the AP Test? Can be used for college credit and course level placement. May help students “place out” of college courses. May allow students to achieve advanced standing Check individual college policies on credit awards: Cost: $89.00; far less expensive than a college course. Administered first 2 weeks of May @ CB South during school day. 18 APcourses offered at CB South

  13. Standardized Testing Preparation • ~SAT • SAT question of the day • Free practice tests • Familiarize yourself with test content • ACT • E-Prep: Free for CBSD students; see Mr. Pecic in library or your counselor • Private SAT prep through individual and group tutoring • Plenty of other online sites that provide free SAT/ACT practice • PSAT: Utilize the results; Pod Cast is available on website • SAT prep books

  14. When to test? SATSpring of Junior Year Fall of senior year ACTSpring of Junior Year Fall of Senior Year APFirst 2 weeks of May; same year as AP course SAT Subject TestsImmediately following related coursework

  15. When is SOUTH a testing site? ACT’s April 13, 2013 Spring Junior Year October 26, 2013 Fall Senior Year SAT’s January 26, 2013 Winter Junior Year March 9, 2013 Spring Junior Year May 4, 2013 Spring Junior Year June 1, 2013 Spring Junior Year October & November 2013 Fall Senior Year South CEEB code is 394992 Other High Schools/districts may host SAT/ACT on other test dates

  16. Beginning the College Search Process Don’t worry, there are over 4,100 post-secondary schools in the United States from which to choose!

  17. Resources Naviance : log in with email and birthdate Internet; see Guidance Website for links Individual college websites Traditional guidebooks and college brochures Meet with college admissions representatives who visit South each fall (schedule/receive passes on Naviance). College Fair: March 20th, 6:30p.m. at CB South

  18. What can I do in Naviance? Meets all your needs throughout the entire process… Organize and keep personal records Career Plan Surveys (Part of CBSD Graduation Requirements) Career and College Search Tools Analyze Data Visit College Websites Application links Scholarship list

  19. Career Matches based on: personality , interests, academic strengths, favorite activities, amount of prep/education

  20. Begin Researching Colleges Here… • Narrow Your Search to find the best fit • 2 or 4 year • Public vs private • Coed vs single sex • Size of locale • Enrollment • Location • Distance from home • Religious affiliation • Competitiveness • Major • Sports & Divisions

  21. Keep a record of your research

  22. Compare yourself to 6 years of CB South students

  23. Program Planning for 12th Grade Process begins in January. Check now to make sure you and your student have access to the portal. Maintain rigor and/or add challenging courses.

  24. Join us again…. FEBRUARY12, 2013 Program Planning Process, Timeline, College search process, decision factors, types of applications, teacher & counselor recommendations. MAY 30, 2013 Summer activities, introduction to transcript process, looking ahead to senior year. SEPTEMBER 2013 Senior timeline, transcript request process, teacher/counselor recommendations, financial aid & scholarships, final decisions.