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College Planning

College Planning

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College Planning

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  1. College Planning Central bucks high school EAST Class of 2017 Walt sandstrom(A-La) Melanie jones(Le-Z)

  2. Most Important Factors in College Admissions • Grades • GPA • Trend of grades • Rigor of schedule • Stays the same or increases • Standardized Testing (SAT, ACT, SAT Subject) • Varies in importance at each college • Test optional-

  3. Student Transcript

  4. Sample Senior Year Schedule

  5. The 2015-16 Testing Timeline AP Exams SAT Subj SAT Subj SAT Subj SAT Subj SAT Subj SAT Subj ACT ACT ACT ACT ACT SAT (New) SAT (New) SAT (New) PSAT (New) SAT (Old) SAT (Old) SAT (Old) Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June

  6. College AdmissionsOld SAT, New SAT, & ACT • Most Colleges Admissions Representatives have stated that they will accept the Old SAT, New SAT, & ACT • However, a few colleges posted on their website and/or verbally stated that they would only accept the New SAT and ACT for the Class of 2017. This includes: • University of Delaware (verbal) • Virginia Tech (website) • We recommend to check with the college website or their admissions office if you have a concern

  7. Worried About Your SAT & ACT Scores? Consider applying to colleges that are Test Optional • The National Center for Fair & Open Testing maintains a list at Test Optional for certain GPA/Major Arizona State University, Duquesne University, Elizabethtown College Test Flexible SAT/ACT not required if other exams such as SAT Subject Test or AP Exam Scores are submitted Middlebury College, Hamilton College, NYU

  8. Other Admission Factors • Essays • Extracurricular Activities/Leadership • Athletics, Work, Clubs, Volunteering, Music • Recommendations • Teachers • Counselor • Audition/Portfolio (If applicable) • Demonstrated Interest • Campus visit, Interview, College rep visits at East, Communication with admissions

  9. Counselor Letter of Recommendation • “Counselor Recommendation Questionnaire” survey on Naviance • Optional “Parent Recommendation Questionnaire” • Print survey and submit to guidance office beginning February 2, 2016. • Sent with transcript and standardized scores • Request made as part of the Transcript Request Form (Allow at least 15 school days for processing).

  10. Counselor Letter of Recommendation

  11. Communication Tips • Create a college-appropriate email address • • • Online presence • • Student contact with Admissions Officer • Prepare with questions before visiting:

  12. College Application Deadline Overview • Rolling • Apply early because colleges make their decisions as applications come in • Once the class is full they will stop taking applications • Schools like PSU have a priority deadline, we recommend your application be complete by Halloween • Early Decision (ED 1 and ED2) November & January • Binding, usually notified of decision by winter break • Only can apply to one school • Early Action (EA) November • Non-binding • Sometimes this is restricted to one school but usually can apply to more • Regular January - March • Apply by deadline set and usually find out in March/April

  13. The 2016-17 College Application Timeline Review/ Write College Essays Common App Open Date 8/1 Transcript Processing begins early September. Must submit a minimum of 15 days prior to deadline Rolling Admission & Priority Deadlines Early Action (Non Binding) FAFSA Early Decision (Binding) CSS Profile Regular Decision ACT ACT ACT Decision Day SAT (New) SAT (New) SAT (New) Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June

  14. If the most important part of admission criteria is GPA/Courses, choosing your senior year courses is extremely important! Remember: This means senior year is still important Upward trends in grades Same level or increase in rigor Grades vs Cumulative GPA Use your time wisely! high school is free so take classes that help you figure out your career path

  15. Materials • Sample Block Schedule Sheet • Program of Studies book is ONLINE at • Course Selection Card • Instructions for logging into the portal and choosing classes are on CBSD website

  16. Graduation Requirements

  17. Scholars Diploma • 1.0 additional Science Credit • 3 Advanced Placement Courses • 2.0 credits of World Language • 3.4 GPA • Scholars Diploma is determined at the time of graduation, not in advance.

  18. Graduation Requirements

  19. English All students must take an English course their senior year. Choose from the following: • English 12: Academic • English 12: Honors • AP English Literature and Composition (3 Marking Periods) There are also English Electives to choose from: • Becoming a Better Writer, Debate, Journalism, Creative Writing, Theater, Shakespeare, Intro to Film Studies, Media Production, Yearbook

  20. Mathematics • Look at the Table in the Program of Studies, then find the course you are taking now and take the next one in sequence. • Please review ALL prerequisites and talk to your current math teacher about which is the most appropriate course for you! • AP Calc AB and BC are each three marking periods, make sure you fit this into your schedule accordingly. • Additional math classes to consider: • Statistics, AP Statistics, Intro to Computer Programming, Intro to Java, AP Computer Science, NEW – AP Computer Science Principles

  21. Science • All students are required to take 3.0 credits of Science. • Although a fourth year of Science is not required for graduation, colleges prefer that science is taken all four years. • Most colleges are looking for a minimum of Biology, Chemistry and Physics –or at least two lab sciences. • Consider taking one of our many science electives: • Forensic Science, AP Environmental, Astronomy, Oceanography, Environmental Science, Organic Equilibrium Chemistry, Geology

  22. Science • If you are considering a career in health sciences, you may want to take Anatomy and Physiology. • AP Biologyand AP Chemistry are each three marking periods, make sure you fit this into your schedule accordingly. • AP Physics N/M can be taken without having taken Honors Physics, but must be taken before AP Physics E/M (unless you take Honors Physics & Calculus)

  23. Social Studies All students must take a Social Studies course their senior year. Choose from the following: • Global Relations – Academic • Global Relations – Honors • AP Macroeconomics and/or AP Comparative Government • There are also Social Studies Electives to choose from: • Intro to Law • Psychology • Sociology • Geography

  24. World Languages • While Central Bucks does not have a language requirement, most colleges would like to see AT LEAST two consecutive years of a language. • We strongly encourage you to stick with your language, as it makes you more marketable to schools. • We offer Chinese, French, Latin, and Spanish.

  25. Music • Music ensembles (band, choir, orchestra, etc.) run all year every other day. • If you are taking music, expect to have a study hall opposite, for one to three marking periods. • Is some cases Music Theory, Music Technology or Jazz Lab will run opposite these courses, however, this is not always the case.

  26. PE/Health • You must meet the 1 credit requirement of PE/Health to graduate • If you have not taken 1 credit you will need to take this in your senior year

  27. Electives • Business Department • Technology Department • Art Department • Family and Consumer Science Department

  28. Late Arrival & Early Release • You are NOT guaranteed Early Release or Late Arrival. If you are not automatically scheduled for it, it will not be added into your schedule. • Students can request up to 3 Late Arrivals and/or Early Releases. • Students can not request a Late Arrival and Early Release in the same marking period.

  29. Important Things to Remember • All courses entered into the portal are REQUESTS, not guarantees! • Remember to pick at least 3 alternate course selections in case your primary requests do not fit into your schedule! • Student-Athletes can opt for a Team Study Hall

  30. Important Things to Remember The Critical Change Policy: • Changes in course request will ONLY be honored for the following two reasons: • (1) Failure to meet the required prerequisite; or • (2) A level change that has been verified by a teacher. • Choose your courses wisely!

  31. Time Line • You must log onto the Parent Portal and put your classes into the system by 11:00 pm Sunday, 2/7. • You can make changes in guidance through 3/18. Any Questions?