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  1. Indonesia Much More to Know

  2. When you think about Indonesia, what are the first three things that come to mind?

  3. Bali Island

  4. Mount Bromo, East Java province

  5. The largest mosque in Southeast Asia, Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta

  6. There is a new, potential Indonesia!

  7. Puri Indah Mall, Jakarta

  8. Gandaria City Mall, Jakarta

  9. A food court at Gandaria City Mall

  10. Pacific Place Mall, Jakarta

  11. Pacific Place Mall, Jakarta

  12. A luxurious movie theatre (Blitz Megaplex) at Pacific Place Mall, Jakarta

  13. Plaza Indonesia Mall, Jakarta

  14. A children play ground at Plaza Indonesia Mall

  15. Sampoerna Strategic Square, Jakarta

  16. Kempinksi Hotel and the Grand Indonesia Mall

  17. A room at Kempinksi Hotel, Jakarta

  18. A New Zealand Natural outlet at a mall in Jakarta

  19. These past few years, the Indonesian economy has been relatively stronger than others amid a global economic crisis due to strong domestic demand.

  20. The number of motor vehicles in Indonesia is the highest in Southeast Asia with more than 80 million vehicles, including 62 million motorbikes, with an average growth rate of around 10 percent these past few years.

  21. Some types of luxurious cars that rich Indonesians love to collect

  22. Indonesian socialites are avid collectors of expensive bags and watches

  23. A growing wine and cigar culture in Indonesia

  24. Malls are packed with people dining and watching football and other sports games every weekend

  25. International schools are where rich Indonesians and expats send their children for high-quality education. The students and teachers often visit other countries, including NZ, on field trips. After graduating, most of them continue their tertiary studies overseas

  26. Global Jaya International School students perform Haka during a Visit by a delegation of NZ Education and NZ Ambassador

  27. Many graduates of well-resourced public and private universities, such as PelitaHarapan University, continue their post-graduate studies overseas

  28. The 150 richest Indonesians by Globe Asia magazine

  29. Top 10 and number 150 of the richest Indonesians in 2012 • 1. EkaTjiptaWidjaja (plantations, mining, property) US$ 12 billion • 2. Hartono family (cigarettes, banking, electronics) US$ 11.5 billion • 3. Anthony Salim (food, telecommunications) US$ 8 billion • 4. MartuaSitorus (plantations) US$ 4 billion • 5. Aburizal Bakrie (coal mining, plantations, property) US$ 3.8 billion • 6. Dato Low Tuck Kwong (coal mining) US$ 3.7 billion • 7. PuteraSampoerna (plantations) US$ 2.5 billion • 8. SukantoTanoto (plantations, energy) US$ 2 billion • 9. Peter Sondakh (investment, mining) US$ 1.9 billion • 10. SusiloWonowidjojo (cigarettes) US$ 1.9 billion • 150. AwongHidjaja (textiles, banking) US$ 70 million

  30. The value of the 150 richest Indonesians is NZ$ 133 billion The value of the 150 richest Kiwis in 2012 is NZ$ 45.2 billion

  31. The value of the 4 richest Indonesians is almost as high as that of the 151 Richest Kiwis The value of the 151 Richest Kiwis NZ$ 45.2 The value of the 4 Richest Indonesians NZ$ 45

  32. Indonesia’s GDP The Indonesian economy is predicted to be the world’s sixth largest in 2030 Sources: the Indonesian Bureau of Statistics and Standard Chartered

  33. Indonesia’s Middle Class(one with a disposable household income of over US$ 3,000 a year)The country’s bourgeoisie is bigger than that in India or elsewhere in the region (in million people) Sources: Nomura, the World Bank, CEIC, Standard Chartered

  34. The number of Indonesian outbound tourists in 2010 was 5.1 million. The number of Indonesian overseas travelers in 2011 was 7 million (a 37.25 percent increase).

  35. The number of people flown by domestic airlines on domestic and international routes in 2011 was 66.04 million (58.84 million on domestic and 7.20 million on international routes).

  36. The number of people transported by domestic airlines on domestic and international routes in 2010 was 58.39 million (51.77 million on domestic and 6.61 million on international routes). There was a 13 percent increase.

  37. What does this mean for New Zealand?

  38. Prime Minister John Key Inspects an Honour Guard at the Freedom Place, Jakarta

  39. Prime Minister John Key meets with President SusiloBambangYudhoyono

  40. Garuda to fly to Auckland, Taipei, HanedaThe Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Tue, 04/17/2012 National flag carrier Garuda Indonesia is going to provide direct service connecting Jakarta and Auckland, New Zealand, next year and to open sales offices in Taipei, Taiwan, and Haneda, Japan, to expand its Asian reach. “We are going to open the route in early 2013. New Zealand is a country with tourism and business potential and we would like to grab this market,” Garuda Indonesia president director EmirsyahSatar said in Jakarta on Monday after signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Auckland Airport chairman Joan Withers. He said that Garuda used to fly to New Zealand years ago, but the impact of the country’s monetary crisis in 1998 forced them to close the route in 2004. The MoU also covered the airline collaboration with the Auckland Airport to promote Indonesian tourism in New Zealand, he said. “The opening of the Jakarta–Auckland route will also help Garuda passengers to fly to European and Latin American countries,” he said.Airline sales and marketing director ArifWibowo said that Garuda will fly seven times a week to Auckland and use the Airbus A330-300 to fly the route. “We are optimistic that the passenger load will reach 78 percent for this route,” Arif said. The number of New Zealand tourists increased from 32,100 in 2010 to 33,200 throughout last year.“In 2015, our passengers will reach 32.5 million from both domestic and international flights,” he said.Garuda’s total number of passengers was 17 million in 2011, up 36 percent from 12.5 million in 2010, including 13.9 million domestic passengers and 3.2 million international passengers. The airline expects to serve 22 million passengers in 2012, up 29 percent from 2011. Moreover, the airline recorded a 39.06 percent increase in revenue in 2011 to Rp 27.16 trillion (US$2.96 billion) and an operating income of Rp 1.01 trillion after suffering Rp 67.16 billion in operating losses in 2010.(nfo)

  41. The Signing of MoU between Auckland Airport and Garuda Indonesia

  42. Air New Zealand Opens a Route connecting Auckland-Bali in mid-2012

  43. The number of Indonesian visitors to NZ 2008 7,812 visitors The Asia Pacific region

  44. The number of Indonesian visitors to NZ 2009 9,101 visitors The Asia Pacific region

  45. The number of Indonesian visitors to NZ 2010 9,787 visitors The Asia Pacific region

  46. The number of Indonesian visitors to NZ 2011 11,450 visitors The Asia Pacific region

  47. Business to come

  48. The number of Indonesian students studying in New Zealand • 2010: 300 students • 2011: 600 students • 2012: 750 students • 2017: 4,000 students (estimated)

  49. There are almost 70 thousand Indonesian students studying in other countriesThe Indonesian government grants 1,000 postgraduate scholarships every year.

  50. Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand