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BMC Service Level Management 7.5 PowerPoint Presentation
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BMC Service Level Management 7.5

BMC Service Level Management 7.5

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BMC Service Level Management 7.5

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  1. BMC Service Level Management 7.5 Click Through: Aligning IT Management with Business Objectives

  2. Critical Business Issues Customer awareness Service Desk staff is unaware of business priorities, impact costs, and commitments to customers Compliance with support contracts Service incident handling is not aligned with business agreements, resulting in missed service level goals, lost revenue and penalties from support contracts Time-sensitive prioritization The priority for handling incidents for each business service can change depending on the times defined as most important for that service

  3. BMC Solution Capabilities • Service Level Manager defines contracts, compliance targets, KPI goals • BMC Service Level Management collects, processes and reports on service compliance • Service Desk can identify and act on incidents with highest business urgency • IT Management and Business Owners now agree on priorities • Impact costs and performance goals help IT meet business objectives and user expectations

  4. Alignment of IT Managementwith Business Goals • Service Level Manager can view SLA compliance status and impact costs • Service Desk can see the effect of an incident on the business and act accordingly

  5. Compliance Dashboard All Agreements for a service are listed – sort to find compliance issues

  6. SLM Trends Dashboard View compliance and cost trends over selected time periods to identify areas for improvement

  7. Service Targets Dashboard Latest service target measurements Links to measurement details Service availability and impact Service requests and incidents Response time and system performance goals

  8. Incident related to service target Service Target goal was missed (click Details…) Incident was resolved but…

  9. Details for missed service target Resolution was 24 minutes past due.

  10. Service Targets Dashboardwith performance measurements Service Target performance measurements Service target related to available disk space

  11. Measurement linked toBMC ProactiveNet Analytics Performance warning

  12. Incident Consolewith SLM status Found incident based on SLM Status - double-click for incident details

  13. Incident Requestwith SLM warning and goal time Service target status displays risk of breach with target goal time

  14. Details for service target warning Service Target dialog displays all service targets, impact costs and milestone activity

  15. Summary • BMC Service Level Management 7.5 provides a comprehensive solution: • Unifies service level management across IT • Definition and management of Service Level Agreements • Visibility of service compliance and underlying causes • Comprehensive view of service impact costs, rewards and penalties • Integration with BMC Remedy IT Service Management delivers business awareness to Service Support and Service Delivery • Incident Management • Change Management and Release Management • Asset Management • Service Impact Manager • Business Owners can be confident that IT is now aligned with the business objectives and will prioritize their actions to reduce the impact to critical services and met their customer’s expectations