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Fermilab charged lepton program PowerPoint Presentation
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Fermilab charged lepton program

Fermilab charged lepton program

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Fermilab charged lepton program

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  1. Fermilab charged lepton program • CLFV new mixing matrix • Multi-decade program to determine 4 free parameters • Flavor conserving • Muon g-2 • Flavor violating • Mu2e • Next generation Mu2e @ Project X • meg, meee , m+e-e+m- also being considered @ Project X • CP violating • e EDM with rare isotopes • m EDM storage ring experiments B. Casey, BNL Colloquium

  2. Around the world Physics for the next 4 decades: Cold traps, intense muon sources, super B factories, t/charm factories, lepton colliders, Hadron colliders… m→eg, mN→eN t→eg, eee t→mg, mmm (g-2)e, (g-2)m, (g-2)t CP violation: lepton EDM measurements B. Casey, BNL Colloquium

  3. Kick starting the program:the new muon g-2 experiment Pbar complex target ring B. Casey, BNL Colloquium • Follow up of BNL experiment but better: • Reuse the storage ring • 10x longer decay channel • Segmented calorimeters • Tracking • >20x statistics, >2x less systematics • Coupled with a world wide program to interpret the measurement

  4. It is happening! Detector R&D: B. Casey, BNL Colloquium

  5. It is happening! Full g4 ring simulation Transport line designs B. Casey, BNL Colloquium

  6. It’s happening! • Hadronic Light by Light scattering is the last major component of predicted value based on model dependent calculations • New program at KLOE to measure dominant contributions to this diagram with 2 photon physics at very low Q2 • With this new data, (g-2)m theory error will be almost entirely driven by independent experiments B. Casey, BNL Colloquium

  7. It’s happening! Feng, Petschiles, Jansen, Renner arXiv:1103.4818 3% (!) Lattice community is becoming actively engaged in the g-2 effort On the way to providing a first principles calculation of muon g-2 B. Casey, BNL Colloquium

  8. It’s happening! Mandy Rominsky FNAL Kelly Hardin FNAL Chris Polly FNAL BC FNAL Leah Welty-Rieger FNAL/Northwestern B. Casey, BNL Colloquium

  9. It’s happening! Matthew Gubanich and David Orozco Don Von Lintig BNL Matthew Gubanich and David Orozco from Regis John Benante BNL B. Casey, BNL Colloquium

  10. It’s happening! Lattice independent measurements muon g-2 measurements two photon g-2 BNL R scan tau spectral function FNAL electron g-2 muonium JPARC radiative return B. Casey, BNL Colloquium

  11. Conclusions “It ain’t over till its over.” -Yogi Berra ‘Fermilab program’ builds in many ways on Brookhaven ideas and accomplishments Fermilab is the right place at the right time Brookhaven is a strong collaborator on many of these projects and is essential to the success of the program B. Casey, BNL Colloquium