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General Introduction Bavta Patient Control Center

General Introduction Bavta Patient Control Center. Bavta USA L.L.C EMR Inventions 6616 Pinewood Lane Puntal Gorda, FL 33982 1-800-919-6594 Fax 941-575-2822 www.BavtaUSA.com. Introduction. Products Idea Workflow improvement. Bavta Medical Informatics Cost effective solutions

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General Introduction Bavta Patient Control Center

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  1. General Introduction Bavta Patient Control Center Bavta USA L.L.C EMR Inventions 6616 Pinewood Lane Puntal Gorda, FL 33982 1-800-919-6594 Fax 941-575-2822 www.BavtaUSA.com

  2. Introduction • Products • Idea • Workflow improvement

  3. Bavta Medical Informatics • Cost effective solutions • Interfaces with all current programs • Personalized Systems • PACS – (mirrored and remote) • Workflow solutions • Improving the healthcare enterprise system • Connects existing equipment to new digitalized data

  4. Bavta Medical Informatics • Developing and implementing systems since 1991 • Support online and 24/7 onsite Technician • User friendly systems in more than 17 countries • Remote access systems for rapid assistance • Connecting all systems for efficiency and better documentation of patient data • Easy query and retrievement of documentation to avoid insurance denials and provide fast diagnosis

  5. Bavta Medical Informatics Installations World Wide • USA • Denmark • Sweden • Ireland • Germany • Poland • Balkans • Netherlands • South Africa • China • Switzerland • Austria • Italy • Great Britain • France • Belgium • Greenland

  6. Specific Solutions • DYSSE: A dicom 3.0 Image storage setup with hard and software ready for use. • RUNESTEN: Capable of making all important information available for the doctor. • SMED: Dynamically stores an ultrasound sequence, scope, ERCPS, or other surgical information to your documentation. • Sword: Protection from unwanted system threats when importing digital images. • Bavta2D: ControlCenter where all patient data is controlled by the Secretary and the Doctor‘s workstation. • IRIS: Management of EMR, Automated Workflow, Billing, and Legal Data.

  7. Dysse Secure Mirror The Ideal Workflow Within Healthcare Booking the exam into the system The patient is booked for an examination or diagnosis.

  8. Dysse stores Patient arrival On arrival the recieved data and record is captured and presented to the Doctor. Arrival is registered.

  9. Dysse Mirror of data Histroric data. Historic data . Vorbef. Vorbef. Patient history Paper data for evaluation of further treatment is scanned in with Runesten and presented to the physician.

  10. CT Scanner Patient data transferred to the modality Click name of next patient Alfred Peterson thorax 0811 am Anton Spiegel abdomen 0831 am Sinclair Dowe hand 0846 am From the appointment scheduling of patients a list for the day is created in every exam room. Dysse Mirror

  11. CT Scanner New prereport . ´Reporting . New Report . New report . New report. Examination Examination is completed and the appropriate notations are added. Reporting Workstation Dysse Mirror

  12. Vorbef. Vorbef. PREreport. Vorbef. Reporting Exam results are reported by means of audio files and/or speech recognition. ))) ))) ))) ))) ))) ))) Dysse Mirror

  13. Report Vorbef. Vorbef. Work- list Work- list Report Report Report Report Report Detailed Reporting Report MediStore Network Writing The dictated Report can be stored locally, printed, or sent to an insurance company. This can be accomplished remotely from the exam room.

  14. Report CD Finalizingand billing When visit is finalized the exam results are stored in the Dysse, printed on a CD which can be sold to the patient, or shipped to the billing agent. X-rays and other information are securely stored and can be used by anyone in the network for later treatment.

  15. A Solution for You A Smart Investment The Bavta consultant serving your area will analyze your practice and develope a solution that will best solve your particular needs. Once you become familiar with Bavta, we believe you will agree that it is one of the smartest investments available, for a growing practice.

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