ocn 750 class 12 april 8 interviewing n.
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OCN 750 Class #12: April 8 Interviewing PowerPoint Presentation
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OCN 750 Class #12: April 8 Interviewing

OCN 750 Class #12: April 8 Interviewing

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OCN 750 Class #12: April 8 Interviewing

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  1. OCN 750 Class #12: April 8Interviewing • Announcements and Check-ins • Pre-interview preparation • Interviewing Tips & Practice • Upcoming assignments/classes Questions?

  2. Interviewing: Learning Outcomes • Learn how to prepare for an interview • Learn tips & techniques • Practice interviewing in safe environment • Build confidence

  3. Announcements & Check-ins • How are you doing? • What have you been up to? • Any announcements to make?

  4. Assignment due today • Job ad • Cover letter (tailored to that job ad)

  5. Congratulations!!!!You Got an Interview. But now what?

  6. Interviewing 101 • Pre-interview preparation • The interview • Follow-up

  7. Pre-Interview:Responding to the Interview Invitation • Respond promptly and professionally • Be flexible and cooperative • Follow all instructions carefully Goal: To make a positive first impression. Tip: Keep a job application summary sheet (and keep it handy).

  8. Pre-Interview: Reflection How does this opportunity fit with your • Qualifications • Current position/status • Career goals • Lifestyle What questions do you have? (write them down!) Consider keeping a job application journal

  9. Pre-Interview: Research • Review organization’s websites and publications • Google the organization • Get salary information • Research your interviewers Goal: Come to interview prepared; Convey strong interest to interviewers

  10. Plan what you will wear Women • Pants or skirt/dress • Avoid low-cut, loud, frilly or tooshort • Jacket (or at least covered shoulders) • Minimal jewelry • Minimal make-up Everyone • Neat, clean, pressed • Classic and conservative • Proper fit • Closed shoes • Avoid perfume/cologne Goal: Give a professional appearance.

  11. On the Day • Bring job ad, application materials and several CVs • Bring pen and note paper • Arrive 10 minutes early • Be courteous and professional to everybody • Shut off cell phone • Watch your body language • Observe other people’s body language

  12. Interview Goals Your Goals • To advance to next step in the recruiting process • To determine whether this job is right for you Employer Goals • To find the right person for the job • To sell the company’s strengths

  13. What do employers generally look for in prospective employees? • Pair up • Take 2 minutes to come up with at least 5 transferable skills or personality characteristics

  14. A Typical Interview • Warm-up • Employer(s) questions • Applicant questions • Wrap-up

  15. Warm-Up • Introductions • Handshake(s) • Small Talk • Transition to Employer Questions Message: I am courteous, socially skilled and enthusiastic about the position

  16. How To Answer Questions • Take notes during questions • Think before answering • Be clear and concise • Use specific examples • Avoid cliches or canned answers • Always be honest Message: I am articulate, confident and stand out from other applicants

  17. Skills, Experience and Accomplishments • Describe how you meet the job qualifications. • What is your greatest ….? • How would you rate your skills in ….? • Do you have experience in .…? • The job requires …. Have you ever done this? Message: I am highly qualified and competent (and can be trained)

  18. Entomologist – U.S. Army Job Duties • Plan, lead, manage, advise, direct and participate in operational, consultative, training, product development and research in medical entomology to ensure effective control of pests and vectors of disease affecting the health, morale and environment of all U.S. Army personnel • Serve in command and staff assignments throughout the Department of Defense and U.S. Army to ensure property and material are not damaged by invertebrate and vertebrate pests • Conduct medical research on diseases of military importance, and conduct, supervise and participate in graduate medical education and training of other medical personnel needed to sustain a robust and readily available medical system

  19. Invasive Species Field Associate – RCUH Job Duties • Takes a leadership role in conducting field operations targeting invasive plant and animal species for control or eradication. • Implements protocol to prevent seed dispersal, follows decontamination protocols, and conducts all operations according to accepted safety standards and established protocols. • Operates a Global Positioning System (GPS). Inputs data and produces maps and other materials to guide daily field activities. • Assists with outreach and education activities which may include classroom visits, teacher development, staffing fairs and community events, and other PR-related activities.

  20. “Right Fit” questions • Why are you interested in this position? • What can you bring to our ….? • How are you hoping to grow in this position? • Describe your ideal boss (or work environment) • Why should we hire you? Message: I am the right person for the job.

  21. Urey Fellows – LPI Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) in Houston, Texas, seeks candidates for its “Urey Fellows” program in planetary sciences. This prestigious postdoctoral program is aimed at scientists within 5 years of PhD completion. Fellows are expected to perform much of their research at the LPI or Johnson Space Center, but may spend up to 6 months per year at other institutions. Fellows will be allowed significant latitude in defining their own research direction.

  22. Principal Investigator– Bigelow Lab Successful candidates are expected to lead transformative, cross-disciplinary research-- for example: • Using ocean observing and mesocosm assets to elucidate the impacts of climate change on biogeochemical cycles; • Better understanding of the oceanic biological processes using high-throughput molecular "-omics" tools; • Development of more accurate models to predict environmental change in the ocean, constrained by ongoing ocean observing and -omics data sets • Use of model organisms to understand interactions among marine microbes.

  23. Behavioral questions STAR S – situation T – task/role A – action R – results Tell me about a time when you … • Impressed your boss • Disagreed with your boss • Were creative in solving a problem • Made a mistake • Sought out help to achieve a task • Didn’t have enough time to complete a task • Worked effectively as part of a team • Etc Message: I am high value, low maintenance

  24. Applicant Questions • Bring at least 2 appropriate questions • Don’t ask dumb questions

  25. Questions NOT to ask • What is the salary? • When can I expect a raise or promotion? • How many others are you interviewing? • Is there an inside candidate? • What is your flextime policy?

  26. Illegal and Inappropriate Questions (with few exceptions)* • Religion • Politics • Height/Weight • Arrests • Health • Military discharge • Marital status/Spouse • Children/Pregnancy • Age • Race/Nationality • Citizenship/Birth Place • Gender-specific *unless you volunteer the information

  27. At the end of the interview • Ask if you answered all of their questions • Restate your interest in the position (if true) • Thank your interviewers for their time • Shake everyone’s hand

  28. Post-interview Follow Up • Send a thank you note promptly • Update your job summary spreadsheet • Consider keeping a journal • Reflect on how it went • Write down tough questions they asked • Write down everything you wish you said • Include names of interviewers

  29. Remember…… • Always be honest • Focus on your strengths • You’ll get better with practice & reflection • It’s fine to (gently) ask for feedback • Interviews over lunch or dinners are not social occasions.

  30. Interviewing Resources • Manoa Career Center (workshops, mock interviews, etc) • Career Centers at other universities (e.g., • Professional organizations • Online (e.g,

  31. Next week (4/15) • Class Topic: Thesis & Manuscript Writing • Optional assignment(Michele)