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  1. THIRD GRADE Social Studies Week Two

  2. What were the two main motivations for the exploration of South Carolina by England, France, and Spain?

  3. They were trying to find a shorter route to the spices in Asia. • They wanted to find riches such as gold, silver, and furs.

  4. What were the monarchs in England, Spain, and France hoping to accomplish through exploration?

  5. They wanted to expand their empires by claiming the lands in the New World.

  6. What phrase was used by explorers to describe their goal of making their countries famous and their kings wealthier by claiming new lands?

  7. “For King and Country”

  8. Why did missionaries come to the New World?

  9. They wanted to spread Christianity to all people.

  10. Name the 3 countries in Europe that explored in South Carolina:

  11. 1. Spain • 2. France • 3. England

  12. Who explored SC for Spain? He was searching for gold and slaves. He entered SC through Florida, but never made a permanent settlement here.

  13. Hernando de Soto

  14. Who explored SC for France? He came to compete with the Spanish for land. He arrived at Port Royal Harbor at Parris Island and built a fort named Charlesfort, but it eventually failed and the settlers went back to France.

  15. Jean Rebault

  16. Who resettled and claimed Parris Island for Spain? He renamed it Santa Elena

  17. Juan Pardo

  18. Who came to SC on the ship Carolina and established the first English settlement on the Ashley River? He traded with the Native Americans and tried to pave the way for honest, friendly relations.

  19. Dr. Henry Woodward

  20. Who came from England and claimed the land in the area now known as Hilton Head?

  21. William Hilton

  22. Which two explorers settled in the Beaufort area around Parris Island?

  23. Jean Ribaultand Juan Pardo

  24. Which explorer settled in the area of Charleston?

  25. Dr. Henry Woodward

  26. Which explorer followed this route through SC?

  27. Hernando de Soto

  28. Which explorer claimed lands on the southern tip of coastal South Carolina and named the area after himself?

  29. William Hilton

  30. Why did most of the explorers in South Carolina claim lands on the coast? Which explorer was an exception?

  31. Most arrived in South Carolina by ship. Hernando de Soto traveled to South Carolina from Florida.

  32. Describes one way the Yemassee tribe was different from both the Cherokee and Catawba tribes?

  33. The Cherokee and Catawba were located mainly in the Up Country, while the Yemassee were located in the Low Country.

  34. Which tribe was located in the Piedmont region, lived in daubs and longhouses, and traded all the way from the mountains to the ocean?

  35. Cherokee

  36. Which tribe hunted, farmed, fished and gathered clams and oysters?

  37. Yemassee

  38. Which tribe called the “River People” lived in the Piedmont region and were very peaceful Native Americans? They were famous for their pottery.

  39. Catawba

  40. The tribes of the Eastern Woodland region had very different languages, but were similar in their __________ and __________?

  41. Cultures and government

  42. Native Americans lived in South Carolina before the Europeans. What happened to the Native Americans after Europeans settled in SC

  43. Some died of diseases brought by the Europeans and others were forced to move away from their lands.

  44. What was the major reason the Yemassee became upset with the English colonists?

  45. The Yemassee became very upset when the English started a settlement in Beaufort taking their lands and hunting grounds.

  46. Which country was the first to establish a permanent colony in South Carolina?

  47. The English

  48. How did the Lords Proprietors come to own land in South Carolina?

  49. The King of England gave it to them in payment for a debt he owed them.

  50. How did the ideas of plantations and slavery come to South Carolina?