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Louis Braille

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Louis Braille

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Louis Braille

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  1. Louis Braille Makayla The people who read Out Of Darkness are: Riley, Makayla, Leonie, Rosany, and Veronica.

  2. About the Author Riley • Russell Freedman was born 1929, in San Francisco • He has written over 50 books for young people • Some examples of his books are Children of the Wild West 1983, Cowboys of the Wild West 1985, Indian Chiefs 1992, The Wright Brothers: How They Invented the Airplane 1991, An Indian Winter 1992, The Adventures of Marco Polo 2006, Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life Of Discovery 1993, and MANY more.

  3. Louise Braille Stabbed in The Eye! He pulled hard at the the awl because it was stuck in some leather, the awl slipped, and he suffered an awl in the eye! The reason he is totally blind, is because the infection moved to his other eye and that eye got infected and that is how he became totally blind! Louise Braille got stabbed in the eye- His dad told him not to touch his tools but, he got on the workbench and saw an awl on the workbench. Riley

  4. Information Makayla Louis Braille was a young boy when he got stabbed. In the picture they are showing the tools in the workshop that Simon [ Louis’s dad ] worked in. When Simon was helping a customer, that’s when it happened. Riley will tell you more about that.

  5. Characters Makayla The characters in the book are… Simon (Louis’s dad) Monique (Louis’s mom), dr. Barbier (caption of the army), Pigner (assistant), Dufu (head master), Katherine (sister),

  6. Book’s about Louis Braille Makayla • The Boy Who Invented Books For the Blind • Out of Darkness • A Picture Book of Louis Braille • Louis Braille • Louis Braille a Touch of Genius

  7. The book's on Louis Braille Makayla

  8. About the book Out of Darkness Louis Braille was stabbed in the eye and then he had to go to a blind school in Paris. Braille was trying to make a system for the blind people and children, but one day there was a man named Dr. Barbier and he made a system for in the dark and might work on the blind. ….. Makayla

  9. Louis tried Barbier’s system and he could not find out which letter it was cause there was to many dots like 1-9 per. Letter. Then Barbier said that it did not matter cause blind don’t need to read. So then some of the town and the school went into a little room to see which system was better and that the blind could read. They took 1 new boy and 1 new girl. Barbier and Louis started punching holes in the paper. They bang in the boy and girl and the boy could not read Barbier’s cause the dots were too close, well that is what he said and the girl did Louis’s system and finished the sentence. Makayla

  10. Louis Braille Leonie Louis Braille Was born in January 4, 1809 in Coupvray, near Paris.

  11. Leonie When Did Louis Die? Louis died in June 8, 1852. He was buried in Coupvray later on though they took him to Paris and buried him in Paris at a place where all the rich and famous people of Paris where buried. His sister said though that his soft and smooth hands where still in Coupvray the small village he loved so much.

  12. Helen Keller • Helen Adams Keller was born in1880. she was born with full sight and hearing. But in 1882 she got “ brain fever” and went blind and deaf. She is the only blind and deaf author. It’s amazing that she is blind and deaf and is a author. Veronica

  13. Dr. William Moon • The Moon alphabet was invented by William Moon (1818-1894). Dr. Moon lost his sight completely at the age of 21. He learned all the embossed systems that were available at the time but he didn’t like them so he invented his own system. He brought out his first booklet in the new alphabet, ‘The last days of Polycarp’, in 1874. Veronica

  14. Henry Fawcett • Henry Fawcett was born in August 26 1833 and died on November 6 1884. Even a statue of him stays in Salisbury Market Square. In 1885, when he was 25 he got blind by a shooting accident. Even though he was blind he was part of the British government! Veronica

  15. Veronica What People thought about blind people • People thought that when somebody was blind they couldn’t do everything the others could. They also thought that they were less powerful and always needed help from other people.

  16. The Movie Leonie

  17. Canes for blind people Leonie

  18. How to use a Cane Leonie

  19. Suffering a Blind Life • Suffering a blind life could be very difficult • All though, you might get used to it People actually thought that blind people were retarded and couldn't learn. Being blind would be very difficult! You couldn't do hat normal people would do! For example, you couldn't jump onto or over things. You couldn't walk without a cane or following a rope! Riley

  20. How to use the braille system How to use it. First you need a stylus like this one here. Second you need a sliding ruler like this one here. Third thing is a positioning Holes for the ruler. Fourth thing is a heavy paper to write on. Here. I will Show you one. Fifth thing is a frame. Frame 1 and frame 2. The last and finally thing is a guiding grooves. Here is a picture of it. Rosany

  21. Rosany The Paris school Here are some things about the Paris school. The Paris school is for blind people who Can not write or read and a lot of other things like normal kids. Then Louis Braille was Trying to make writing and reading a lot easier for other kids that are blind to but a few days Later the boss who was in charge of the Paris school for all of the blind people

  22. Rosany

  23. How to use the Louis Braille system This is how you use the Louis Braille system. The things you need are a stylus, Sliding ruler,positioning holes,heavy paper,frame1 and frame2 and the last thing Is a guiding grooves. Rosany

  24. This is a stylus This is a sliding ruler. . This is heavy paper

  25. Here Are Some Blind PIctures! Riley

  26. Bibliography Leonie & Riley Books -Think about being blind -Seeing in Special ways Internet sites - -

  27. We hope you enjoyed it !!! By: Makayla, Rosany, Veronica, Leonie and Riley! Veronica