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MIS Questionnaires: Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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MIS Questionnaires: Overview

MIS Questionnaires: Overview

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MIS Questionnaires: Overview

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  1. MIS Questionnaires:Overview Fred Arnold Macro International

  2. Two types of questionnaires Household Questionnaire Woman’s Questionnaire Purpose To provide reliable information on malaria interventions at the national and subnational level and for population subgroups To allow calculation of standard Roll Back Malaria indicators To meet country-specific needs for monitoring and evaluation of malaria programs Overview

  3. Household Questionnaire • Household listing • Information needed to calculate a household wealth index • Questions on indoor residual spraying (IRS) • Questions on ownership and use of mosquito nets • (Anemia and malaria testing)

  4. Household Listing • What is a household? • A person or a group of persons who usually live and eat together • Who is an acceptable respondent? • Any adult member of the household who is capable of providing the required household information • List all usual residents and visitors • Why is it necessary to include both?

  5. Household Listing • Order of asking questions • First, ask name, relationship to household head and sex of each usual resident and visitor • Household head must be listed on first line and must be a usual resident • Second, ask the 3 follow-up questions at the bottom of the household listing • Third, go row by row, asking the questions on residence, age, eligibility and pregnancy

  6. Components of Wealth Index • The index uses data on household assets and housing characteristics • Each item is assigned a score (factor score) generated through principal components analysis • The scores are standardized and summed for each household • Usual members of the household are ranked according to the score of the household in which they are listed • The household population is then divided into five quintiles at the national level

  7. Indoor Residual Spraying • Not currently an RBM indicator on IRS at the household level, but a new indicator has been proposed: • Percentage of households covered by either IRS or ownership of an ITN • Currently 3 questions on IRS: • Household sprayed in past 12 months? • How many months ago? • Who sprayed?

  8. Indoor Residual Spraying • Because of potential confusion on the part of the respondent about what constitutes IRS, some question changes have been recommended by the RBM MERG Survey and Indicator Guidance Task Force • Changes to be tested • Question 15A: “At any time in the past 12 months, has anyone come into your household to spray the interior walls against mosquitoes?” • Question 15C: Delete the category for HOUSEHOLD MEMBER (code 3) • Possibly ask a lead-in question about whether there has been an organized spraying program in the community

  9. Mosquito Net Indicators • Proportion of households with at least one ITN • Proportion of children under age 5 years who slept under an ITN the previous night • Proportion of pregnant women who slept under an ITN the previous night

  10. Mosquito Net Indicators • New WHO ITN position statement (2007) • “In order for their full potential to be realized, LLINs should be deployed as a vector control intervention. WHO/GMP, therefore, recommends full coverage of all people at risk of malaria in areas targeted for malaria prevention with LLINs.” • RBM has not yet changed the ITN indicators

  11. Mosquito Net Questions • Complete listing of mosquito nets in the household (use extra questionnaires if needed) • Characteristics of each net • When obtained • Brand or type • Factory treated? • Ever soaked or dipped? When? • Who slept under each net the previous night (line number from household listing)?

  12. Mosquito Net Questions • Countries could add net questions on other characteristics of the nets such as: • Whether washed • How long ago washed • Whether re-treated after washing • Source of the net • Cost of the net

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