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  1. South Central District Pastor Teacher Family Conference 2010 Session #4 New Approaches and Ways to Fund Ministry THE RESOURCES OF THE HARVESTER

  2. WHAT ARE WE FUNDING? People Programs Staffing Facilities OVERVIEW OF THIS SESSION Three-Year Appeals Endowments Grant Writing FUNDING MINISTRY

  3. “Over and above” gifts from accumulated assets THREE YEAR APPEALS

  4. It is: A stewardship appeal for “over and above” gifts Centered on mission/vision of congregation Introduced and implemented over 3 -6 months Invites 36-months (3 years) of planned periodic giving (one-time cash gifts accepted but not encouraged) WHAT IS A Three Year APpeal?

  5. Brick and mortar Remodeling, repairs and upgrades Debt Projects/Programs Personnel TYPICAL REASONS

  6. Organize and orient Recruit and train Build awareness Unite in prayer Worship and Bible study Commit Collect and celebrate 156 weeks of sustained giving WHAT DOES A TYPICAL APPEAL INVOLVE?

  7. Stewardship Bible studies, sermons and prayer Wide-scale lay involvement in the process Focus on accumulated assets Presentations of materials to small groups Offer an opportunity for joyful generous giving – “Pray and consider” [no compulsion] Use of formal commitment cards Equal sacrifice, not equal gifts (e.g. gift pyramids) KEY CONCEPTS

  8. Sample of a commitment card

  9. Sample of a commitment card

  10. My father’s experience • My own experience MY EXPERIENCE WITH THREE-YEAR APPEALS

  11. Joyful and generous giving! Unity in mission/vision focus Promotes planned giving Raises 1 ½ to 3 times of annual funds Annual giving increases 10% to 30% TYPICAL BENEFITS

  12. A professional consultant can… Install confidence and support at every step Provide sound stewardship materials Offer expertise, training, and mentoring Develop position descriptions, telephone scripts, letters, and program agendas Gives oversight to leadership in developing appropriate appeal materials Help avoid potential pitfalls and mistakes Offer continued advice, encouragement and support through the entire process Why engage professionals?


  14. Planned Gifts That Give “Forever” ENDOWMENTS

  15. A permanent fund bestowed on the congregation to be used for a specific purpose. WHAT IS AN ENDOWMENT?

  16. To establish a reserve or nest egg for the rainy day when offerings get low and bills can’t be paid . . . OR . . . To build vision for the future ministry of the congregation? WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF ESTABLISHING?

  17. Our endowment funds outreach ministry By establishing an endowment fund our congregation’s members are moved to complete their own gift plans and leave a giftfrom their hearts to support the Lord’s work MY PRAYER IS…

  18. 75% of charitable giving comes from individuals. 87% of people who give to charity give because they were asked. We ask for cash… but only 9% - 12% of assets are in cash. It is estimated that$52 - $125 trillion will be transferred before 2030 from funds from one generation to the next. Why Planned Giving?

  19. Establish Promote Grow Manage STEPS

  20. Research endowments Get legal advice Form a committee/task force to establish Incorporate as a separate 501(c)3 Set up policies and procedures for management and distribution of funds ESTABLISH

  21. Distribute promotional materials (brochures, mailings, bulletin inserts, bookmarkers, newsletter articles, etc.) Organize a planned giving society Host an initial kickoff event – open to all Offer seminars, workshops, etc, PROMOTE

  22. A SAMPLE

  23. Planned Giving Facts • 88% of wealth is held by individuals 65+ • The national average for planned gifts is about $20,000 or 20 times an annual gift • It takes 3-5 years for an endowment or planned giving program to begin showing results • 80-85% of planned gifts come from bequests Source: NCPG 2002 Donor Survey GROW AND MANAGE


  25. Funding for Start-Up and Programming GRANTS AND OUTSIDE FUNDING

  26. OVERVIEW OF GRANT WRITING Types of Grants 1. Corporate 2. Foundation 3. Government OUTLINE • Research • Relationship-Building • Writing

  27. Research • Know who you are • Know your community • Learn what’s available • Networking through others • Web resources

  28. Funding Information Center 329 S. Henderson Fort Worth, TX 76104 Phone (817) 334-0228 RESEARCH

  29. Relationship Building • Focus on your ministry to community needs • Letter of inquiry • Personal contact / networking • Develop a fact sheet • Ministry/outreach focus • Share updates / progress / articles • Follow up and reporting

  30. Writing – the actual proposal • Cover letter • Proposal summary • Introduction to operation • Statement of problem or need • Project goal and objectives • Method and schedule • Evaluation criteria and process • Budget

  31. Implications on Congregational Stewardship • Importance of clear vision • Maximize congregational stewardship • Example of three year appeal • Plan for transition of funding • Example of Youth Haven

  32. CLOSING THOUGHTS ON Grant Writing • Challenging and time-consuming • Typically for NEW programming • Required well-developed plan • Needs outreach/community focus • Offers unique but limited funding